(Day26) Willie’s Willy

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B

Exhibit US

He cannot EVEN TRY to deny all that body art.

But Damn Willie,
I didn’t know lil-erbig willy was all like that.
2 words: Long AND strong.
I could see that hitting some serious spots.
He needs a niggum like me.
He seems like a pretty stand up dude, walking sex, all about making that $…..
…. with a beautiful dick that my mouth would be wettin’ every chance I got.

Lemme slide you my math so you, me, and that can get more…. reacquainted.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “(Day26) Willie’s Willy”

  1. I wouldn’t say that the brotha was packing. He’s most definetly not small, but not large either. But who the fuck cares? The dude is phyne as cat hair!!!

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