For My…

Nothing long.
But straight to the point.

This blog is dedicated to my readers who are dreamers and doers.

Those who want more and are not settling for less.
Those who are single and know “he” is out there.
Those who fuck when they feel like it.
Those who are fucking with condoms and playing it safe.
Those who know when it is time to let go.
Those who don’t take no disrespect.
Those who keep a poker face when times are tough.
Those who are not giving up.
Those who do not take “no” for an answer.
Those who are making moves.
Those who are messing with celebrities.
Those who have the boys jocking them HEAVY.
Those who got who they wanted when told it wasn’t possible.
Those who are messing with dudes that are DL and not in any drama.
Those who take full control of their lives.

I see you and I got alot of love for you.

For those who are just dreaming without doing anything – this may not be for you right now.

See, you gotta get up and start reaching for the stars. You may want that man or that lifestyle but you aren’t doing anything to achieve it or, you feel like you aren’t “good enough”. Fuck that.

Some of us are scared. Some are un-sure. Trust me because I have been there. But like Nike, just do it. Work on making you the best. Get out there and see the world. Take a risk and it may open up many doors.

But whatever you do, do not have any regrets because I damn sure don’t.

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Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on “For My…”

    Love the twist that you added e.g Those who are messing with dudes that are DL and not in any drama.
    I loved the one… Those who are single and know “he” is out there. it speaks to all the jaded brothas out there.


  2. I was feeling down these last couple of days…so glad I bookmarked this. Im so tired of everything. Not having somebody, working my ass out at the gym, working hard at my job and all of the extra shit to make sure I stay at my job. Im not happy there but I need to put time in to move on to the next. I want a wolf but I feel like he’s nowhere to be found and I refuse to look for him online ever again. Whatever… when it comes, I guess. I need more faith and backbone in myself is what I need the most. But thanks again for your powerful words.

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