Who Are You?

tumblr_mcsdupFYrX1rtxj3eo1_500i want to say something,
but i don’t know how people will take it.
aah well i’ll say it anyway…

i was having a good convo with one of my homegirls just now.
we were talking about working in corporate and what a game it was.
i told her that if she wanted to see the blacks:

giphy…then come right over to my job and observe for the day.
she cosigned that i can come and do the same as well.
i started telling her about this one black vixen at my job.
she will literally change her voice a couple octaves,
start flipping her hair,
and act like she was raised upstate in the suburbs.
this is only when she is around the whites.


11guhav…but this chick is dead ass from the hood of bk.
she becomes “who she really is” when she is around us.

i told my homegirl the reason i’m so successful around white people
is because i don’t do alla that.
i’m just me.
what you see is what everyone will get.
my good days.
my sad days.
my moody days.
even let you into a glimpse of my ratchet side.
he is fun.
i love when he comes out to play.
i’m not perfect and i don’t pretend to be.
i think thats why people gravitate towards me.
i embrace all my awkwardness.
i learned a long time ago how to appeal to your audience.
a good fox learns to observe people.
i would never talk about “love and hiphop hollywood” to the snow animals.
i will talk about how i loved the movie “gone girl” tho.
which i did as i wrote a stellar entry about it.
one snow bunny gave me the book on loan to read.
she always asks me what i think of it,
even tho i haven’t started it yet.
don’t tell her.

the problem with some blacks is they feel they need to change.
its like we can’t handle the heat that comes with being “yourself”.
it happens a lot in the gay community as well.
the wolf says:

“i want a masculine fox who got blah blah blah and da da da…”

…but he fine and you want that “d”.
so you hit him as “a thug” and get no response.
he not even feeling you at all.
he goes and cuffs up the nearest jackal tho.
one who isn’t remotely close to what he wanted.
you are sitting there with your sagging jeans,
a skully,
and a gun with no bullets wondering how you got to that point.

people fall in love with YOU.
your genuine self.
the person that you are when you around your close friends.
the nerd that you are.
the fact you have a ton of britney spears albums in your itunes.
i even see n sync.
you ain’t low.
if i was something i wasn’t,
then writing on this site would be fake.
everything i do here is who i am.
shit i admitted i liked taylor swift’s music with no fucks to give.
can’t be no more realer than that.
i will say i am shy in person tho.
especially if i’m attracted to you heavy.
anigif_enhanced-buzz-1635-1379347581-18well thats when i’m a real clumsy dumb ass.
so try to remember alla that.
hopefully someone understands and not get offended by it.

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Who Are You?”

  1. I can really relate to this entry. I am shy in school and I want to start coming out of my shell more. When I start college next year I want to be more out going. Thank you for this entry!

    1. Yea, I remember when I first started school I was the same. Once you start meeting people and making genuine friends you be aight.

      1. I like friends who have independent minds because they tend to make you see problems from all angles.–Nelson Mandela

        Also: A wise man has many advisors.

  2. I love this post this fits me to a T. At my job people say I talk really proper and that I’m a little white washed, they said it like a complement of something. I can be really awkward and nerdy at times and also just a little too much full of energy but everyone seems to like it and just goes with it.

    Funny story, the wolf I’m talking to now is really hood as fuck and we’ll be riding in my car and I have to ask him certain things means I just don’t know if he will crack up laughing because I sound suburban and naïve about some things . But he says he finds it cute and he likes that I’m into other worldly things he’s never heard of.

  3. Yes, being genuine is important but so is adapting to circumstances. And, Jamari, you should know that I let you know how I feel. I’ve told you that I’m not in your “Amen Chorus” and will not give my stamp of approval on things–such as when you got a credit line increase in your credit card. The advise of others seem to be spend. My advice was don’t spend–save.

    I try to be the best Dean that I can be. I don’t go for “popularity”. I’m not a politician but I will be politic and adaptable and sensible and appropriate to the circumstances. So help me God.

  4. Yea this is true, people do need to be themselves, mainly for their sake. I am always myself…well I can’t reveal my sexuality, but other than that I am who I am around everyone lol.

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