When You Rack Up Hundreds of Sexual Partners Being D/L

even tho we are gonna let george michael rip,
the following story was interesting to me.
george had his way with a few hundred body parts.
males and females.
in an article about george’s love life,
his sexual history was also revealed via the mirror

During the interview, Michael also revealed how, as a young man, he was “having sex with women” while being “fully aware” that it was “a lie”.

Before his death, the superstar admitted to previously developing a bit of a habit of cruising for sex with strangers – something he started doing as a teenager.

He even once told Piers Morgan he’d had as many as 500 sexual partners over the course of seven years – that’s one every five days.

well george was a good looking superstar with sex appeal.
everyone was trying to get a taste of that.
just imagine how much tail tremaine and christopher have gotten?
george was d/l until he got caught up in that bathroom.
what if he didn’t?
his sex life is the story of many on the dl.
unlike the outs,
and maybe the discreets,
the d/ls have it much worse.
they have to play “straight” to keep up appearances.
by day,
they are bringing random vixens around friends and family.
looking like pussy hounds or “cannot be tied down”.
even bringing cubs into the world.
they are so skillful at keeping up that image.
by night tho
they are creeping in the forests for what they really desire.
they use the apps hidden in their phones,
making craiglists ads,
or banging in bathrooms or alleys.
i can’t imagine having letting 500 wolves up in me,
but i’m sure it’s the story of others.
sex is easier to get nowadays.
i know straight wolves with over 200 partners.
imagine the ones in the life?
for the those on the low,
it doubles in fuckin’ both sexes.
that right there is so crazy to me,
but i get it.
i get the lying and the “image”.
it isn’t right,
depending on whose story you’re telling,
but i get it.
i use to play that role to an extent.
i’m sure some of you did as well.

quote taken: the mirror

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “When You Rack Up Hundreds of Sexual Partners Being D/L”

  1. Yeah crazy and many do the cover up Tremaine “trey I could see it clear I wonder why he gotta kiss so many strangers and worst why they let him knowing he kiss damned near anyone

  2. George wasn’t on the DL when he got caught in that bathroom.He had stop being with women in his 20s.He talked about in an interview with CNN after he was arrested.I believe he said he stop having sex with women when he was 24.He got arrested when he was 34.He just wasn’t publicly out but he was exclusively dating men for years.He had a boyfriend who died of AIDS in 1993 and then he was in a LTR with Kenny Goss.They were together about 12 years but they had an open relationship.During his LTR he continued having sex with strangers.He and Kenny actually met at a bathhouse in 96 .Also a lot of those sexual partners were men he met in public restrooms ,at rest stops.So sometimes he would have sexual encounters with five or six men in the course of a few hours.So it adds up.
    Yes I was a George Michael Stan so I had to clear up that misinformation.He was a hoe but not on the DL😂

    1. ^He had some great music and a great voice! If you listen to his lyrics, some of them are deep. He touched on a lot of subject matter…infidelity, homelessness, suicide, war, famine, etc.

  3. Man I hope he was careful especially when that Aids epidemic hit the scene and what was life like for him. I know he was poster boy on most girls room. Boy George may have had his share tho but I hope he get a bio pic.

  4. Rip George Michael… sex god

    S/N: did y’all Moonlight crushed the awards….I was tearing 😢 🙌🏾

  5. I find the notion that his fucking women was a “lie” really interesting. In my experience, there is nothing in the world so honest as an erection. Why is the “either pussy or cock” idea less acceptable than the “only pussy or cock” idea? There is also no indication that George either gave or received any diseases or that any of his sex was nonconsensual. So, then, why does the number of partners matter? It all seems to stem from an underlying assumption that sex is bad and so must be limited to heterosexual encounters between permanently partnered individuals. Anyone who enjoys sex outside those boundaries must be punished by society, by God or by themselves. I will never understand why people work hard to free themselves from one prison only to construct another.

    1. Jay: I agree with much–if not all –of what you have written. Yes, the penis does not lie. And yes, there are bisexuals. And yes, to more that you have written. Comment and people should be reminded of what you wrote from time to time.

  6. Well, George had the “sex symbol” image pretty much forced on him, thanks to the Careless Whisper video. The Asian lady in his “I Want Your Sex” video was a beard. Many people knew back when he was in Wham that he was gay, but it wasn’t really an issue. as long as they cranked out the hits, and he kept it on the DL, the record label didn’t care. When he split from Andrew and went solo, they wanted to push the sex symbol image even more. Hence Father Figure and One More Try. It didn’t sit well with him and he rebelled big time!

    When Listen Without Prejudice came out, you will notice that he didn’t appear in any of his videos from that CD. That was his way of giving the finger to his label. His career was never the same afterwards because he was labeled as “difficult”.

    If you listen to his song Spinning The Wheel, he talks about the risky behavior he and his partner were indulging in, sleeping around with any and everyone they met. Crazy!

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