Soulja Boy and Chris Brown Use To Fuck Together

well kinda…
so soulja boy is dropping a lot of dirt since this beef with chris brown.
he exposed chris brown for allegedly being a coke head,
but now he dropped this during a vent tweet session

i’m actually shocked chris brown has no sex tapes out there.
he has gotten so messy over the years.
 if either one of these two lose this fight,
they could as well kiss their careers goodbye.
i feel chris would suffer the most tho.
so many are hoping he gets some karma.
well soulja said he has a reason why he wants to knock out chris.
he claims he is doing it for a good cause.
he tweeted:

he needs to leave rihanna out of this nonsense.

lowkey: can you imagine if chris brown wins this?

we will never hear the end of this.

8 thoughts on “Soulja Boy and Chris Brown Use To Fuck Together

  1. Chris Brown will beat Soulja boy silly, doing all those backflips and dance routines he got stamina, whether he does coke or not, I’m not surprised he’s on drugs look at his antics and the way his face/appearance has declined…

  2. Chris Brown has been smart enough to only abuse Black women. That way, he gets to continue to have a career as not even Black fans care. He will get his when his narcissism finally convinces him to turn his violence on someone who matters. Fuck Chris Brown and anybody else who beats a woman bloody!

  3. I think Soulja Boy is telling the truth about CB doing coke and them fucking in the same room. CB been suspect as it pertains to snorting coke, and straight boys are notorious for fucking in groups. I just want to be a fly on the wall though…👀🙊

  4. I could swear PoC – particularly black males, and those with $/power and potential meaningful platforms – have a lot more to worry about than a contrived twitter beef and “celebrity” boxing match in 2017…….I could be wrong though…ugh *dismissively throws hands*

  5. I hope this “boxing match” doesn’t become a thing every time Chris Brown gets mad at someone

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