you are chillin on jack’d.
it’s a hurricane so you know,
everyone is online right now.
you meet this guy:

you immediately get his number.
you guys start talking and you realize you both have a lot in common.
the conversation goes on for hours.
you ask him to send you another pic,
and he sends you this…


… is the text underneath the picture.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “WHEN WE ROLE PLAY: (47)”

  1. #DEAD!!!! id text him back and say “what the FUCK happened to that sexy dude?? who is this chick your girlfriend?……….” (waits for answer)

  2. (throws up a little in mouth) LMAO! He’d still be sexy though. As long as he was masculine, then I’d beat! Pow Pow

    1. LOL. When I saw the first pic i thought he looks like a crazy fun jamaican toy you could play with and maybe create our storm in the room..then i saw the second one and went *flatlined*

  3. I mean that is what he suppose to send me but I don’t trust pretty bois (I know it’s a double standard) but we wouldn’t fuck for a minute until I check that ass out…literally…

  4. Since I’m on jack’d, I’d expect something like that, so I may smash…once the storm clears – I ain’t getting killed over azz lol. We’d probably sext, and he’d go no further in my mind than someone to do…

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