When We Role Play… (39)


You are walking home from work one night.


You hear something from out the corner.

“yo son..”

you turn around and see this leaning up on the wall…

“i was just checking you and wanted to holla.
you sexy as shit.
i want some of that.
come here for a second…”

you can only see his outline.
but. his cell is already out.

Do you go?
Or, do you keep it moving?


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “When We Role Play… (39)”

    1. oh nevermind. LOL

      I would talk to him; he gets points for being bold. We would exchange numbers and see what’s good. I wouldn’t wanna bang him the same day I met him.

  1. I would have sex with him there in the shadows to determine if he deserved to know my name or have my number. If he was as good as he looks, he would probably never be heard from again…

  2. If youre in the shadows, you need to step in the light so i can get a good look. First thing im thinking is that youre going to try and rape me so im go to put on my blazers. Being half naked like that im going to have to pass, i know what you bout, got to bring more than that.

  3. Depends on how secluded the area is; I’ve been mugged b4 – ain’t gonna happen again. If he can step into the light – then we might talk…nice body tho

  4. Not to be stereotypical, but if I hear “Yo son” emitting from a dark corner, a brother has to keep it moving. I’m street smart, so I know to be aware of my surroundings. I need to see a face.

  5. Hell naw! I may do hoeish things but I don’t like being approached like one. lol

    Anyone who responds to that is crazy.

    Do you guys not watch the I.D. channel? Lol

    1. Yup love that channel. Dates from hell and wicked attraction are the worst.

      I’m wondering if some y’all would have different answers if dude was in a club or in a store than on a street corner?

    2. OMG I love ya’ll! Lol

      Did you guys see that episode of Wicked Attraction with that fine ass black dude who was a con artist and he would come on to gay and dl dudes in public places and he would videotape the sex and blackmail them. If they didn’t pay up he’d send it to to their families AND their bosses!

      My hookups ended with that episode. Seriously!

      1. That dude was psycho. A Haitian Pansexual Unibomber. Talkin’ bout “Open the package!” LOL

        Straight up bat-shit crazy.

        That dude he blackmailed ended up getting divorced and attempting suicide. This came out during the trial. Everything popped off in that episode.

        Yes, I’m an ID Addict.

      2. Nah I didn’t see that one. I just started watching it the past couple of months. I’ll try and find that episode tho.

        I wouldn’t let that stuff like mess up my hookups and you aint either. Niggas wanna have sex at the least. Trust me, in this life dudes aint trying to kill, they want that ass.

        If you were to meet a dude through a mutual friend you would turn him down over some wicked attractions. Nah. LOL

  6. It’s night? I’d keep walking. If he really wants to see what I’m about, he’ll do what he has to to get to know me, including coming out in the general area.

  7. @iceededppl: Yes! That shit was crazy. If more dudes saw that episode sites like BGC and A4A and Grindr would shut down from lack of activity. No one thinks of those consequences when pursuing a nut. Changed my life! Lol

    The whole channel is chilling to say the least.

    1. I would never put myself on ny of those sites. I’m not willing to take that chance. Niggas would be on me like bees to honey and not in a good way.

      1. Dudes say that but very few of them have never been on any of those sites at one point or another.

        I just use them to be nosy most of the time. I never forget a face or a tattoo so once I’ve seen you on any of those sites I will recognize you in person, even if it takes me a while to remember where I know you from.

        The whole unlock picture game annoys the fuck out of me so I never put any up.

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