When We Role Play…. (29)

This Is For My Foxes and Hybrids….

You were out in public and this Wolf…

… decided to be bold and hit on you in public.
You both exchange numbers and keep it moving.
Over the next couple weeks, he calls and texts regularly.
He also surprises you by coming over and not wanting sex a couple times.
He cooks and cleans up after his mess.
Finally, when you decide to give him some:


I mean, the sex was damn near amazing.
He knew your body like he has been doing this all his life.
As he lays down next to you, he has a confession

He was just released from jail 2 weeks before he met you.
He was in jail for selling drugs and is currently on probation.
He has been in the foster care system and grew up running the streets.
He doesn’t have a job and is living at his friend, sleeping on his couch.
He is trying to turn his life around and is really feeling you.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “When We Role Play…. (29)”

  1. Offer my help anyway i can, encourage him, be there for him cause its not going to be easy. Then i would let him know that everybody makes mistakes, nobody is perfect you learn from your mistakes and grow. Then just lay my head on his chest and let him hold me as we both fall asleep cause after he put it on me like that white chick got in that gif we both are going to be tired as hell lol

  2. I support anyone trying tO get their life together. I’d definitely offer sOme help any way I can… Except… Financially. I’d need a ring on it for that.

  3. Been there, done that, still got the receipts from the free clinic.

    Ghetto boys don’t work for me no more, all the drama that I ain’t really looking for…

  4. I’m not the type to write a man off based solely on what’s done. I’m also interested in what he’s doing. He doesn’t have a job, but is he applying? Is he actively going on interviews? He may not have a formal job, but does he have a side hustle like barbering? Construction? Maintenance? Does he have the drive and determination to better himself? Like I said in an entry before, I’m attract to a man’s ability to be a man. You’re down on your luck. That happens. But what are you doing to turn that around? That’s what I’m most interested in.

    My ex used to sell drugs. Long before he knew me. Today, he’s a completely different man.

    I would date him. Especially if he’s exhibiting all the qualities I’m looking for in a man. I wouldn’t make it easy for him though and he definitely wouldn’t start living off of what I make.

    It’s a challenging world for men. I can sympathize with that. If this situation were a heterosexual one and the wolf in question was actually just a vixen who was interested in being someone’s “housewife” she’d get a pass.

    So there’s a bit of a double standard.

  5. I mean he said he is trying so I would give him a shot and who knows he may find a job. As long as he’s trying I’m coo he ain’t tryin to be a fails model, rapper, or baller he just lookin for a 9-5. And if after a time limit he ain’t got that then sorry I tried but most street dudes know how to hustle just don’t bring it near me sept maybe a dub bag once an a while lol

  6. This is a good one. I think that naturally if you guys have been hitting it off well and you’ll have now fucked yourselves into a coma, you’d wanna help him. I would help him but I would probably have found all of that out before sleeping for him though, but answering the question I’d tell him that the past is what it is, just get back up again and I’d help if I could because I would want better for him, as he wants for himself.

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