Baby Can We Adopt 14 Kids Today?

4B9088268-tdy-130917-gay-dads.blocks_desktop_mediumi wonder whose the wolf?
everyone meet roger and steven ham.
some couples go shopping for 14 inch rims for each car.
no they wanted 14 children.
yes 14.
a really feel good story below…

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When We Role Play…. (29)

This Is For My Foxes and Hybrids….

You were out in public and this Wolf…

… decided to be bold and hit on you in public.
You both exchange numbers and keep it moving.
Over the next couple weeks, he calls and texts regularly.
He also surprises you by coming over and not wanting sex a couple times.
He cooks and cleans up after his mess.
Finally, when you decide to give him some:


I mean, the sex was damn near amazing.
He knew your body like he has been doing this all his life.
As he lays down next to you, he has a confession

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