When We Role Play… (2)


So you are dating him below…

You have been dating him for a year and a half.
You both decided to move in together and be a “couple”.

So tonight, you tell him that you have a late meeting at work so you won’t be home until 10pm.
As luck would half it, it ended early so you decided to surprise him.
You went and bought dinner because you know he would be hungry.
You get in the crib, you hear loud banging sounds and faint noises from him.
You also hear another voice…

You slowly walk up to the bedroom door,  which is slighty open and you see this

(Wolf, Hybrid, or Fox… depending on your role)


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

37 thoughts on “When We Role Play… (2)”

  1. I would bust into the room and punch my dude a couple of times and break up with him. I stay at work for a meeting and you call another nigga over before I get home, oh hell nah, it’s no tolerance for that. I’m not a violent person, but that’s too disrespectful.

  2. Stand there for as long as i can to take it all in unnoticed. I’m debating on whether or not I’d stay the house or leave. If i leave ill sit in the car and wait for that bytch to leave and walk in like i was just getting home. If I stay I’d probably wait in the living room or in the bathroom, somewhere where he’d eventually walk in and find me sitting. Don’t get visibly angry. Don’t get visibly upset. Just smile and wait for the apologies to come pouring out. Nodding and agreeing; “I know, i know.” Acting like I’m neither here nor there about it.

    Until the next day or two, when vanish out of thin air. Stuff gone, apartment empty. New number. No where to be found. And he’ll panic and search and search and won’t be able to find me. Just a note left on the door or his car. “I hope that bytch was worth it =)”

    (Side note: The wolf in the first picture pops up on my Facebook all the time in the “People You May Know” section lol. A friend and I had a slight interview session with him through Facebook about his relationships and being approached and what not. He’s really nice!)

  3. I would watch them till they are done, then walk up to his arse and spill the food on him and say “here’s dinner, when you are done eating again, get the hell out of here! “

  4. This shit right here is why you don’t want to get involved with a nigga like me. I’m not mature enough to walk away saying to myself “U iz kind. U iz smart. U iz important.”

    Naw we all going to jail after a trip to the hospital. Like real talk I have a temper out of this world. You’ll know that pretty soon after meeting me.

  5. Turn around walk out the door cry, go somewhere get myself together. Come home at 10 and act as if nothing happened. He better be ready for the biggest mind fuck ever cause im going to take him to hell. Hes going to wish he never FUCKED WITH ME!!!!

  6. Somebody going to Hell and Im going to Jail. You dont freak your whores in my bed, I cant get past no disrespectful shit like this.

  7. i would come inside the room, grab my gun! and ……………………shoot that nigga in his ass hole

  8. Leave them come back with something non lethal but something that would do the job. I have a table leg I keep for these kinda situations. Then I would act like nothing was going on and say oh so you changed the sheets. As I watch him lie I would wait for the right moment then say so who was that nigga I saw u deep in? And from then I would black out cause it’s gona be a lot of ass kicking, curse words and crying. Then as he gettin the fuck out by his own will or ambulance I would be playing Donna summer mcarthor park in the background. Finally in usual fashion I would roll up a blunt and smoke and prob cry somemore

  9. JAY :
    He’s not my type, but I’m interested in what he said.

    His name is Dean. We were doing a lil online survey and we were asking wolves a few questions. He was in a relationship at the time so we asked how they met which was in church. He said he’d rather be approached than the do the approaching. He only does long term relationships and said the length of the ones he was in before that one which all had the word “years” attached to a number. He’s really attractive and he’s well aware of it. lol

    1. Damn in church? I couldn’t even imagine how that first convo went. Lol

      Was he the only one you surveyed? How did you choose participants on Facebook?

      I need a mini research proposal on this. Lol

  10. The next banging would be something upside his head. Iont give a fvck about the trick, unless I know him personally; my ‘man’ would be leaving that night. Locks changed immediately.

  11. To the guy I caught him with, just imagine the top’s dick is a knife. Then I’d tie up my ex, shove a funnel in his dick, and pour boiling water down it. I don’t play. I will bring back my middle school goth faze times 10.

  12. More than likely cuz i keep a choppa (pistol), I’d clear my throat just to get the attention of my audience, I’d point and request no explaining, don’t cover up and stay right where u are! Id then calmly collect their cell phones and drop them both in the toilet, and I’d collect their clothes, I’d request for the fuckee to immediately leave my home, butt ass naked with no phone! Once he’s out the door, I’d then call the police and tell them there is a naked man walking around my neighborhood.. I’d tell my wolf of he doesn’t agree to my story I will have his ass dead.. I’d then have him pack all of his materials and let him know he has about one hour to get all of his shit out of my house and if I ever see him, if he ever calls me, it has anyone contact me about this situation I will have him arrested, for stalking! Then I’d put a restraining order on dat ass!

    1. My answer:

      i think the initial shock would make me stand there for a minute.
      I’d feel betrayed most def.
      I’d leave and then come home later…
      … Perfectly calm…
      And then I’d probably fight him lmaoo because knowing he was fucking some mofo in our bed would leave my entire being violated.

      After I tried to kick his ass,
      I’d tell him get the fuck out and never look back.

      … Oh he’d have to take the bed that night too.
      No way I’m sleepin on the cheating crime scene.

  13. I would just leave his ass and go get tested cause clearly it probably wasn’t the FIRST TIME, since he planned it. I wouldn’t even sweat it, i look good and i know I’m worth more than infidelity.

  14. I have a temper. So it would probably be best if I left, which is more than likely what I would do. I’d stay there just long enough to be noticed and take it all in. When I’m angry, I’m silent. Completely and absolutely silent.

    1. ^so let me ask everyone something…
      After you guys shoot him in the ass,
      Bust his car up,
      Or shove a funnel down his throat with poison (lol)…

      How do you think you would really feel after?
      We talk about what we would do to him…
      … But how do you think you would feel after the anger has left?
      Would it be easy to just let “1 year and half” walk out the door so easily?

      1. Well when my ex betrayed my trust (he didn’t cheat – at least not that I could prove), I wanted to beat his azz into the ground, but I didn’t want to cause a scene – plus I was still in shock cuz I definitely loved him. I ended up changing the locks that night & we had a mini-scream fight. Now had he tried to fight me on the points, I might’ve fought him, but there was still enough love there (on my end) to not hurt him…

        But yeah, once I can’t trust you, you have to go. Broken heart be damned

      2. It wouldn’t be, to let it go, but I feel if the wolf actually cared, he would have considered that before piping someone else in OUR bed that WE alone christened. I don’t want to find out the whole city also christened the bed as well. Now if this was the partner for several years or as nia long in the “black hair documentary” said, “that’s my nigga” I would try to work it out. but if this wolf did it again, I’ll have to pull a Veronica move on Kobe. Don’t let yo ass have some cash, I’d stay and collect and wait for the right time to strike! And then pull an Angela Basset move in Waiting to exhale and burn the trash or pull a left eye and burn the house down!

      3. I mean I am going to feel something I mean it was a year. It may have been rocky and may have been blisful. But when it’s over it’s over in my book. Yes I would cry and be hurt and play every sad song in the world. Then go super hard in the gym prob lift super heavy to burn of the steam. Get sooooo high that I would be looking down from the stars. And after I do all that I would start the rebuilding period go to church and then play my fave disco hits ( yes I said disco it brings me through when I’m down). As far as the dating game idk cause I did just get out of a committee relationship. Plus ima have to clean the apparent from top to bottom to get him out for ever and burn his shit like Angela did in waiting to exhale

  15. A lot would depend on how deep the feelings are. If I know he loves me, and I love him – hell I’d get naked and join in!!! A couple that plays together can stay together.

    If you don’t roll like that, then when the other guy leaves, you need to have the mother of all conversations. But I think if you really care for someone and know this is for real, then try and work something out.

    After all we are both men, and should be able to talk about it without having to throw a hissy fit like a female.

    1. Why would you want to join in on an act you clearly weren’t meant to be apart of? Lol

      Sorry, but its not about being men, its about being loyal. The whole scene screams utter disrespect and disregard. I don’t even accept cheating being an “accident” as an excuse, its actually very intentional when you think about it. After you do something like that once, it’s much easier to do it again.

      There’s really nothing for me to talk about…at all.

  16. JAY :
    Damn in church? I couldn’t even imagine how that first convo went. Lol
    Was he the only one you surveyed? How did you choose participants on Facebook?
    I need a mini research proposal on this. Lol

    No, we surveyed a whole bunch of different guys. Some answered, most didnt. But we chose them based on perceived or known Alpha-maleness. So guys who you can tell were tops or ones we already knew. We asked the same questions, whether or not they preferred to approach or be approached and a few follow up questions. It was suppose to be a starting point in our new method of dating. We were trying to figure out WHY meeting men has been so difficult.

  17. As a Vixen..if I came home and seen my man getting either hit from the back or hitting any ass from the back that wasn’t mine…I would have to admit-I’d be crushed. It would really fuck me up mentally because I’d have to wonder..was there something that I didn’t do right? Was there signs that I didn’t see or was in denial of acknowledging? I’d look at myself first…instantly – I wouldn’t do anything crazy because that shit has its own consequences but best believe, I’d call him every word in the book after throwing some hot water on the both of their asses. I’d try my hardest to break someone’s bones..atleast one bone.

    After that relationship, I’d probably be another single bitter bitch online stating how much ngas ain’t shit and probably hate every bi/homosexual man out there.

  18. DEan is proof that everything that looks good aint good, he frequently hits niggas up on Facebook and he has a secret BGC profile… philly niggas i tell you….

  19. I would SMH and think wow, this nigga ain’t shit. Flick on the lights. Search for some luggage in silence and begin to pack my things. I would have nothing to say to the dude who I was formerly in a relationship with. Not much you could ever say to me.

    The thought would begin to cross my mind about all of the signs I missed beforehand. Signs such as how eerily warm my bedsheets felt after I came home and collapsed in bed, the unfamiliar smells of cologne and body wash that I couldn’t get off my mind.

    Then I would think… this isn’t the first time this has happened. Can’t be. I just made it home early THIS time. He would begin to try and stop me but I would only offer him and his “friend” the food I brought home and no longer need.

  20. To be honest with you … I would join in on this shit … and then later on when that nigga taking a shower … oil that Floor in bathroom like Regina King did in This Christmas beat dat nigga ass and then break up with him … Naw I got something for his ass …

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