When We Role Play… (10)


Your best friend is still a virgin.
She wants her first time to be with someone special.
…So she wants it to be with YOU.
Someone she trusts and know that it would probably be good.
She knows about you and doesn’t care.

She invites you over to her spot one night to “talk”.

When you come inside,
she has candles lit and she is wearing some sexy lingerie.
She is intent on you doing her.

Did I mention she looks like this…


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “When We Role Play… (10)”

  1. (Sticks up thumb and nods head) Anything she wants me to do, I’ll do. Jamari, where do you find these pics?, she’s gorgeous. With a face and body like that, she couldn’t convince me she’s still a virgin, but ok.

  2. I would just have to reach back in my memory bank on when I use to smash chicks LOL, sometimes a light meal of tilapia instead of steak may do you some good. Whats gone happen though when she comes back for more?

  3. *starts taking off clothes* Let’s get it poppin!

    Well, I would talk with her first to make sure if this is a one-time thing or FWB first…and make sure we have condoms.

    1. Honestly!
      She looks like that and thinks she can’t get any guy that she wants, including someone who could make her first time memorable for the RIGHT reasons – I’d be flattered that she trusts me, but you don’t really want to mess around your friends like that. Because it’s always going to be an issue – women are like that, do one favor for them that involves something emotional and you’re screwed 😛
      If she STILL desperately – oh yes, this one is clearly desperate – wants to do it, I guess we could drink ourselves silly and have a go at it, as J pointed out, you don’t want to sex her too good. And it’d be more authentic.
      If she comes knocking on my door 9 months later with a baby in her arms, then we’re not friends anymore.

  4. Take one for the home team in this one Jamari. Cause this day im going deep sea diving. And I won’t stop till she’s screaming my name. Then afterwards we can go to the mall and check out guys lol

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