When Trying To Catch The Meat Catches You

sometimes when you’re trying to checking out the meat,
you can get caught.
shit can happen.
the worse is when you trying to get it on your phone.
how do you play it off?
well an f-bi sent me this video of a:

“nearly caught,
but well played”

…experience i gave some foxhole points.
take a look

i’lll take both please.
what would be even funnier would be a fox behind them both.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “When Trying To Catch The Meat Catches You”

  1. That was good lol, I love when wolves strip down to their briefs, compression shorts in the locker room at the gym. I be ready to have a conniption when I see those dick prints.

  2. Wow! He’s good because I nearly pissed on myself watching this anticipating the outcome cause that could have quickly turned into an ugly situation.

  3. He may not have known..even if he was looking in the mirror, the guy was filming directly behind his back, so he may have seen the dude behind him, but not the phone because his own body’s reflection in the mirror was blocking it.

  4. This is why you don’t take videos. You snap a couple pics and you move it alone. My heart stopped. LMAO. I did took a pic once of this FOINE brother in Chipotle and the damn FLASH went off. I ran for my life.

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