when they are in control, you’ll be able to sex and marry a 15-year-old?

“In honor of your tribe”
“When we are in control”

ya’ll see the wording in this question?
the wild part is that they call gays groomers“.
that we secretly try to lurk on children.
when in actuality,
i see more straights getting caught up for violating kids,
especially ones that are supposed to teach them.

Based on this question,
the person in that picture is supposed to be 15.

someone answered and i was shook…

What in the actual fuck?

In this new world order,
do straight white jackals want to take us back to the Game of Thrones days?

a time when they married off teenagers to kings to bear their children?
these vixens do nothing but be breeders for potential kings and knights.
alicent hightower from “house of the dragon” stand up?

i keep asking myself if i’m in purgatory.
did i die and this is where i’ve landed?

i don’t know what tf is going on anymore.
nothing about this timeline makes any sense to me.

Is this what is going to make America great?

i’m so confused.
they want to turn this into a world where white straight jackals rule,
vixens have no voice,
and everyone is either living as a slave or in fear of being killed.
what is worse is seeing black jackals selling out to be accepted.
i ask:


…because we should be scared where they are trying to take this place.

lowkey: i thought these males were incels and didn’t even like women.
i need an update.

Author: jamari fox

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One thought on “when they are in control, you’ll be able to sex and marry a 15-year-old?”

  1. 1 out of every 6 American women has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime. Also 82 percent of juvenile victims are female.

    It makes me
    Think that in my lifetime I’ve either been a co-worker, acquaintance or met someone who has attempted or fully raped someone, hell maybe even a family member who I would least suspect because it’s so damn common. I hate to categorize hetero men, but it makes me think that most straight men aren’t wired right in the brain, especially when it comes to self control when their sexual desires arise. It’s one thing to be a repulsive rapist, but it’s another when 16 yr olds turn you on. what on earth do you find sexually enticing about a minor?

    Even in porn the fetish of girls in school outfits and pigtails, and porn casting directors purposely selecting girls that look super young with tiny frames, creating the illusion they’re minors. And that shit be having millions of views. It’s like are young girls the fantasy of most men? It’s sick to think about it in depth. But they call us gays the pedos HA

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