i finally watched the little mermaid, 2023 version, and i have thoughts…

i didn’t get a chance to see the little mermaid when it was in theaters.
i really wanted to support halle bailey but my money was crazy funny.
the little mermaid was one of my favorite disney movies as a kid.
i didn’t realize how much ariel was a pick-me but ya know…

every time we went to the beach as a kid,
i remember telling my mother how i wanted to be a merman.
i watched it and i had a few thoughts (spoilers)

Halle carried that entire movie on her back.
I’d love to see her carrying another movie because she has talent.

Sebastian’s voice irked my nerves initially, but then it grew on me.

Flounder wasn’t as bad as he looked in the posters.

Melissa McCarthy as Ursula was “okay”.
She came off as a drunk aunt than what cartoon Ursula gave.

I felt like Human Ursula/Kathy had more charisma.

I love how one of Ariel’s sisters was named “Tameka”.

I couldn’t stand how they re-did “Under The Sea”.

How did Prince Eric know where Ariel and Ursula were in the ocean,
late at night,
in a row boat?




The ending was really awkward and stupid.

but aside from that,
i thought it was a good effort.
i doesn’t stir too off from the original.
sebastian and prince eric had bigger roles in this one.
halle’s version of “part of your world” is so beautiful:

i always related to that song so i cried like a whole bitch.
full ugly sobbing but the repise comes off like an affirmation,
doesn’t it?


even with all my millennial critiques,
i liked it enough to watch it again.
it’ll be on disney+ tomorrow and i’d love to know your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “i finally watched the little mermaid, 2023 version, and i have thoughts…

  1. Personally I thought the movie was just okay. I’ve never been a huge fan of The Little Mermaid movie in general so there’s that. It just never did anything for me compared to Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty although tbf Ariel is definitely a better character than Aurora not for nothing. Aside from the animation and King Triton I never really cared about the story. The live action didn’t change my feelings at all. Halle was freaking excellent though and I would love to see her as the lead in other projects. Also Scuttlebutt. I rocked with that song heavy 😂😂😂 Legit have replayed it on youtube while cleaning the house a couple of times.

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