Who Wants To See My Sex Tape? My Dack Is Huge!

trent richardson!
pretty please!
with sprinkles on top!
so you know its bad when you are a bust on the field,
as well as in the bedroom.
an f-bi filled me in that NO ONE wants to buy trent richardson’s sex tape.
according to tmz…

Trent Richardson’s orgy tape has fallen flat … at least in the sex tape market … ’cause TMZ Sports has learned there have been exactly ZERO offers made to buy the X-rated footage.

We broke the story … someone was shopping some extremely explicit video of the Indianapolis Colts running back getting down and dirty with THREE different women.

The seller was hoping the tape would score a quick payday … but after months of shopping it around to various outlets, the person is pulling the plug on the whole plan after no one made a lucrative offer.

Fact of the matter is … men just aren’t a draw when it comes to celebrity sex tapes … no matter how big (and we mean BIG) the celebrity is.

hmm well it worked for:

ray-j-kim-kardashian-kiss-jemblog-dot-com…and his co star was absolutely terrible.
well this is how i see it.
if a sex tape leaked with chris brown tomorrow,
everyone would be on it.
same with idris elba,
trey songz,
or t.i.
even reggie bush,
victor cruz,
and king james would generate some revenue on the baller wolf front.
even kerry rhodes would have people talking.the problem with trent is:

a) he isn’t attractive to many (if not at all)

b) no one cares about his sex life (vixens don’t want to fuck him)

c) he is bust in the nfl (wolves don’t care about him)

if that person really wanted to sell that sex tape,
they would have sent a snippet of the best part to wshh.
that would generate some kind of buzz (i.e ocho-style).
let the hoodrats get it and then the rest of us would follow.
if that didn’t work,
then release the whole shit and let him get some free publicity off his alleged big dick.
either way,
a wolf in the industry can sell a sex tape if:

a) his body is on point

b) his pound game is SERIOUS

c) the co-star is sexy as hell

d) he has his foot on stardom already

e) pretty much all of the above

other than that,
he’ll be a couple reblogs on myvidster.
rayj_rkow_faxj7hapsorry trent.

article taken from: tmz

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Who Wants To See My Sex Tape? My Dack Is Huge!”

  1. I ain’t gonna lie, I think he’s bad. I’d hit it lol. I guess he’s a bust all the way around tho if no one wants the tape. I remember when he talked hella shit after the Browns cut him. Talkin bout they will regret it, and didn’t do shit for the Colts last year. GOH.

    Ray J and that ass. That’s all he’s worth, and that’s all I want from him lol. You get your nut and you dip. I’m not staying around for any pillow talk with that dude. Hell nah.

  2. I’d like to see it.I actually watched one of the dude’s sex tape from Pretty Ricky.It was hella gutter ratchet.

    You can tell in that gif, Kim K don’t know what the hell she’s doing.From what I remember, she had awful head giving skills as well.All that wolf dick she got over the years and I bet she still ain’t learned how to suck a dick right.

  3. If he was fucking a MAN then that shit would have been SUPERVIRAL…he’s an amateur in this business..you need CONTROVERSY to sell anything. His kind of tape people get that for FREE on the net.

  4. i’d come into Trent Richardsons house with a coat on and nothing else under it, i’d slide my coat off and throw it at him. walk over to the radio, and turn on Beyonce’s “Partition” and fuck him like it would end world hunger…i find him very attractive and that bulge makes me mouth water (yeah guys i’m a bttm who happens to have an oral fixation) giving head gets me off even without penetration…lol

  5. LOL @Malcolm’s comment! *gets a glass of water* here, drink this before your mouth gets dry from all of the Trent Richardson’s thirst! Love ya though!

  6. Brandon not nice but he might need a gallon to cool that thirst, but i agree malcom i love giving oral as well nothing like a nice cock in mouth and body to get me going.

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