“F Him While His Mama Home (Baby Don’t Yell)”

as you can already tell,
“operation don’t slap a bitch” is in full effect.
trying to put myself in a good mood the best ways i know how.
i just watched this week’s “haves and have nots” and well…
whoever does candace’s hair needs an award.
they give her that good horse.

jeffrey nearly making wyatt “come out” of character in that bedroom.
see thats the shit i’m talmbout!
when he said:

“take off your clothes”

i felt flustered.
am i evil for making a wolf do something like that?
you want me to keep your ass out of jail while pleasing my bat shit crazy mama?
oh naaaawwww you gonna owe me some of that peen in monthly installments.
i’m selling my soul so you DEF will be selling yours too.
now lets get to the good part:

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 9.03.20 PMCANDACE.

IMG_0386aunt patti expresses my thoughts.
i wish veronica would have asked for a strip search.
his pants tho<<<<<<<
i’m starting to think tyler perry is my spirit animal when it comes to these wolves tho.

hannah was acting her ass off with that crying.
i felt her stupid ass.
one thing tho.
she was real…
getting arrested,
wasn’t she?
i need to see what warrant before you put me in some damn handcuffs.
like no explanation as to why she getting arrested?
i’m surprise she didn’t scream,
“the blood of jesus i rebuke this!”
she was wailing up in that court house,
but not when she was on her way to being big lex cellmate?

season finale next week tho?
this season was kinda…well ill let you finish with your thoughts.

x for those who didn’t watch

Author: jamari fox

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5 thoughts on ““F Him While His Mama Home (Baby Don’t Yell)””

  1. IKR Im side eyeing this season… but i did enjoy how the bedroom scene between Jeffery and Wyatt… I almost called Jeffery a bad bitch for that move.

  2. This was a good season to be honest but I can’t stand Hanna, and Veronique needs to go to hell because what kind of mother would threaten her only child to live a life of smoke and mirror? I wish Jeffery told her “I hate you.” everytime she says “I love you son.”

  3. Katherine has Benny. I don’t know how she did it, but that’s who has him.

    Bryon is Jim’s spy, just as I thought. Remember Jim said he had someone watching Hanna or some shit. However, Byron is catching feelings for Hanna.

    I think Candice’s son is dead too. She kept talking about babies dying and shit.

  4. After the show Tyler interviewed some of the cast they talked alot about the Gay issue.The show was called Tyler Perry Show.He interviewed the actors they play David,Veronica Jeffrey,Wyatt, and Hispanic maids.

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