All Fun and Games Until I Slap Someone

tumblr_lk4ikkd4IP1qhb8huo1_400can i vent a moment?…

before i even start this vent off,
i just want to say how thankful i am to have a job.
one where i work with good people that respect me.
plus my boss isn’t a doofus.
okay now that’s out the way

tumblr_m43b7aQ4U51rsgpezo1_500so today was fuckin’ busy as shit.
bad enough i am still sick with whatever the fuck i have.
it was slowing me down,
had me coughing everywhere,
and just low on energy as a whole.
while i’m working,
i keep getting alerts of all my past due bills.
fuckin’ great.
i got the bill for this website and that nearly drove my over the edge.
i have no way to pay for it right now.
rent is also due tomorrow and i’m hoping this check covers it.
it’s  just for one week.
even if i can afford all of it,
i’ll pretty much be in between blessings for 2 weeks.
shit i won’t even have my financial shit together until what?
the end of april going into may???
food is low.
my weekly mta card ends on the 9th.
everything is a hot fuckin mess right now.

then i think about unemployment.
i read today they’re planning on voting again.
they’re always fuckin’ voting.
i want to know how obama could let this happen?
how could he let 2 million people go without their unemployment all at the same time?
people are cold,
and being evicted.
99% of these people had more time left before the goverment did them dirty.
hell my shit wasn’t supposed to end until the end of february.
i could understand if it ended and i wanted another extension.
nah son.
my shit had a little bit more on it until i was shit outta luck.
in a perfect world,
i would have been caught up on my bills with money to spare.
this ain’t a perfect world.
instead we have to depend on our dumb ass president and these equally dumb ass republicans.
like who did we vote for?
i feel like i gotta we gotta be jay z and beyonce to get his damn attention.
all i know is when and if they pass this shit,
i expect my back pay for those two months in my account.
rant over.
on the positive,
one of coworkers gave me this amazing smelling cologne called “spice bomb” today.
just outta nowhere.
smells like apple pie and cinnamon on my skin.
i was grateful.

low-key: if it wasn’t for vain in my emails keeping me sane,
i would have been blown the fuck up.
thank you vain for your continuous encouragement.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “All Fun and Games Until I Slap Someone”

  1. You got to hang in there bro. You’ll be caught up soon. The hard part is over, and the rest will follow.

  2. Hang in there J. And it’s not Obama’s fault. He can’t do anything without the approval of Congress and vice versa. Blame the tea bagging republicans for all of our problems.

      1. ^^Yes, please do not blame President Obama. It’s not his fault. Blame Boehner and company! They’d rather see people homeless and hungry, and then get the rest of this idiotic country to believe it’s the President’s fault.

        You will get caught up. Hang in there!

  3. Stay focused man. You can’t let this effect your job performance. Trust me it will show, if you do. Hopefully something will come through. N venting is always good, so no apologizes needed.

  4. That is why I’m here. But i encourage you to focus on how you want things to be, not on how they are. Write down, with the same ferocity, what you want your life to look like. If you focus on what the problems are right now then they will build momentum you will get stuck.

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