Are You There Vicks? It’s Me, Jamari

chest hurts when i cough
stuffy nose
sneezing periodically
sweating like a pig

whats wrong with meeeeee?
do i have the black plague?
rugratsi’m such a baby when i’m sick.
the devil just didn’t want to see me shine this week.
i think i’m going to bed for the rest of the night.
i’ll watch movies and cry.
so i’ve done:

steam bath
vicks rub down
chicken soup with jerk sauce
“that tussin”
vitamin c pills
speaking to jesus on the main line

i feel like nothing is working.
anything else i am missing for a quicker recovery?

some help meeeeeee!!!

i swear i’m samantha right now.
this is what happens when i been taking care of myself all these years.
when i get sick,
i realize how alone i am.

Author: jamari fox

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16 thoughts on “Are You There Vicks? It’s Me, Jamari”

  1. I’m sick too.I just finished my Chicken Noodle Soup.I have no idea what to do.Most people just go into work even though they risk getting other people sick.I thought I was getting better but I feel like I’m getting worse.

  2. Get some jack Daniels honey, and take some mucinex, and two Tylenol pm cold and flu. Mix two shots of the jack in some hot black tea with the juice of a whole lemon. It’ll knock you and the cold out for the count!

  3. I’m sick too. My roommates keep turning down the heat man. I woke up Sunday sick as a dog. I had to whip out my snuggle it was so cold. Yea…I have a snuggie, get it out of your system. It keeps me hella warm tho, especially when you are under the covers. It’s like having an electric blanket.

    1. YES! I’m sick, too and my friend recommended Mucinex. I also have the Afrin nasal spray. They work well together.

  4. Yeah something is going around, I’ve had a killer sore throat for a few days now. Ugh it’s so hard to get up and go to work.

  5. Awww. I hope you feel better bro.

    I’d rather have your illness than deal with this bad sinus infection, slightly swollen left testicle and rotated left femur.

  6. I was sick for like a week and a half a month ago. Had me so worried. Turned out to be a some type of upper respitory infection going around and I knew like 10 people on campus who had the same symptoms I did.

    I hope you feel better Jamari! 🙂

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