Wait, Wait, Wait… HOLEUP… Is This Omarion’s Dick????

shit i was waiting for some cakey pics,
but this will do!!!…

Wow! Looks like one of MMG singer Omarion‘s ex-girlfriends took out her revenge on the young star by posting a naked mirror pic of him online. I’m so speechless right now. Check out the pic below:


is this real???????

a fat ass and a big alleged dick?
i guess he was the hybrid wolf after all.
didn’t i tell ya’ll it woulda been funny if he was the wolf?
or is he a big dick fox?
things that make you go hmmmmm…..

false advertisement.

stop playing in photo shop!


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “Wait, Wait, Wait… HOLEUP… Is This Omarion’s Dick????”

  1. The body is of Omarion. Yes, that is his body and yes, as of the date of this picture, Omarion had an uncircumcised cock, but after the birth of his son (c. August 2014), Omarion had the circumcision procedure done. OUCH!!!!

  2. I’m gonna go with no because that tattoo is faded and parts of the tattoo in the first pic you posted aren’t in the alleged nudes.

  3. Damn J was wondering was this gonna post in the foxhole tonight, this blog be on it lol. I have my reservation about this pic if its real or not, but career desperation makes for some great celebrity poses. Not bad little O, packing from the front and back.

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