tumblr_n06mssMQId1qzftc0o1_500*bows down*
we’re not worthy!
we’re not worthy!
i love and respect her scary ass.

Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “VIXEN CANDY: (41)”

  1. I think Naomi’s long lost sister is Marlo Hampton from the house wives. Lol they look ,act just alike

  2. Yes Naomi is beautiful but her attitude stinks. She has no class..can’t keep a man… And dosent know how to keep her hands to herself.. Lawsuits for slapping assistants with cell phones.. And I’m glad she fixed her edges because for a while she was looking cray cray.. #tbh

  3. I’ve always loved Naomi… She’s beautiful and she’s smart. I think what happens so very often is ppl like to try her because they know she’s aggressive, and she gives them exactly what they want.

  4. I wished she would’ve slapped Tyra when they had their sit down.Tyra barely let Naomi talk.

    Her attitude reminds me of Foxy Brown(the rapper.)I don’t know what’s with Black women using cellphones as weapons though.

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