two scoops of chocolate in nice ass suits (morris chestnut and lance gross)

morris chestnut in “the best man” strengthened my attraction to males.
 the feelings i had during ^that scene…

and this one:


taye diggs didn’t stand a chance.
his character,
was super masculine but the right type of emotional.
it was a turn-on for me.
i’d like to see him and foxhole fav,
lance gross,
in a movie tbh.
they both took a picture together recently and…


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lance and morris are both aging like fine wine.
morris is 52 and lance is 40 (his birthday is the day after mine).
black don’t crack and if you take care of it with a good self-care routine
can you imagine these two on-screen together in a black romantic comedy?
the main vixen has to choose between them both.

Who would win?

lance is daddy as fuck…

…but morris is on another level of zaddy-ism.
how about she choose both and call it even?
we are in luck!
that double chocolate duo is about to be on fox in the fall.
they will both be on a show,
based on a book by lawrence otis graham,
and by the makers of “empire” called “our kind of people“:

“Set in Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts, the series follows the journey of single mother Angela Vaughn as she sets out to reclaim her family’s name. But she soon discovers a dark secret about her own mother’s past that will turn her world upside-down.” – via wiki

…and i’m sold.
all the different shades of chocolate in this show…

i think the pretty vixen was reading this book too.
( x see the full cast )

it’ll be out on september 21st and i’ll be there.

lowkey: i haven’t seen lance in a minute.
i hope he is well.
the pretty vixen actually hung with him for a weekend with friends in vegas in 2013-ish.
she was in a group with his howard friends and she said he was so nice and down to earth.

lance is still a1 fine and can dress his ass off.

i will forever love this outfit of his…

this is a flawless victory.

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15 thoughts on “two scoops of chocolate in nice ass suits (morris chestnut and lance gross)”

  1. Stupendously good looking men.
    For background on the title- Our Kind of People by Lawrence Otis Graham and The Wedding by Dorothy West are the go to reads for the cultural back story for that movie..

  2. Nice looking still. Too bad Morris Chestnut never did nudity. He’d be so iconic. Oh well… Too late.

  3. YAWN 🥱the most generic choices for darkskin dudes, oh my gosh. So fucking boring, you would think gays would have more interesting taste but then again I shouldn’t have expected much from someone who thinks beyonce and rihanna are the only two black female popstars.

    1. I’m so proud of Yaya. I’ve loved her since antm. in fact her and Eva’s season remains my favorite. it’s funny how both her and Eva won the competition. out of all the seasons they are the only two that are still relevant. love it.

      1. Exactly! After leaving modeling, Yaya has literally gone from major show to major show. She’s been on Chicago Med for a while and now she’s finally about to be the lead in her own show. I’ll be watching.

    2. You’re that weirdo that used to post under weird names. I bet you’re that crazy African homophobe who had “white” personas that got offended at snow bunny. Here’s hoping you fall on a cactus and it goes right up your evil hole.

      1. What the fuck are you even talking about? Eat your father’s dick (which I know you would love) and stay out of grown people’s business.

  4. This is who needs to post a skin routine. I hate seeing celebrities with basic skin on those beauty channels talking about “this is my skin routine”. Bish nobody wants to look like you!

  5. For some reason this has, “The Haves and Have Nots” written all over it without Tyler Perry. That’s exactly how Candace started out. I want to watch it because its a black show on FOX. The sex scenes will be cute but they won’t be BET+ type. Tyler has made BET+ a completely porn subscription. Its so much dick and fucking on there.

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