rip tyrique fisher (the mourning from strangers feels like clout tho)

on social media

Every smile doesn’t mean someone is happy.
Every relationship doesn’t mean it’s healthy.
Every friendship doesn’t mean it’s real.
Every picture doesn’t tell the whole story.

we all create and curate what we want people to see,
but a majority of folks aren’t truly happy.
everyone has their own personal issues that aren’t shown in the blocks on social media.
everyone is mourning tyrique fisher aka @_tymula_ today.
he took his own life and this was his final ig post:


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A post shared by Tyrique Fisher (@_tymula_)

there are a lot of IG stories and tweets of:

“We need to check in on people!”
“You don’t know what people are going through…”

…and no cap,
but i think it’s a bunch of bullshit.
this always happens on social media when someone takes their own life…

…and everyone mourns for a day,
posts some random condolences,
and goes back to their fuckery and fakery when the coast is clear.

Folks don’t check in on the people in their own lives,
distance themselves from those dealing with depression,

but suddenly are mourning a random stranger on the internet?

some gays will go back to mourning their fav sex workers onlyfans being kilt than be better.
you know some of the gays are self absobed and narcs lowkey.
i think everyone is shocked by his final post being as transparent as he was.
they aren’t gonna attend his funeral or send his family well wishes.
he is a stranger that we all met under unfortunate circumstances for the first time today.
i’m sure some people feel a sense of shock,
but sudden bursts of “let’s be better people“…

It’s like he called folks out and suddenly everyone is checking their morality.

when people lose their actual loved ones to suicide or death in general,
i think that’s when people actually feel something.
when i lost my best friend,
it made me even more empathetic and sympathetic to others around me.
so i’m here to font that like the amount of time of an IG story:

Folks will be over it by EOD.

 i pray that tyrique was able to transition peacefully.
his time on earth was difficult and it sucks he couldn’t stick around a while longer.
he made and accepted his decision to take his life.
the foxhole and i are sending love and light to his loved ones.

lowkey: people don’t appreciate you until you’re dead…


…but never showed that person love or checked in when they were alive.


…because they hope that person will put them on.
other than that,
you are in this grey area with most people.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “rip tyrique fisher (the mourning from strangers feels like clout tho)”

  1. They did the same with DMX.

    As morbid as it sounds, my friend and i have a “not allowed” list for our funerals if the other goes first. We will not have any fake clout chasers coming to film themselves crying when they could have cared less when we were alive.

    Also, this pandemic has shown me who cares for me and who doesn’t and I will never forget this cold clarity.

    1. That’s a fact and they say “other people have lives too” I have a life and I still dm call back and text back LOL

      People want excuses

  2. The part that breaks my heart for this young man is when he said” I’ve been broken for a long time”
    This legit made me cry.
    RIP Young Man…so very sorry it reached this point of no return.
    Condolences to those who will truly mourn and miss your presence.

    1. ^this is a genuine comment compared to the social media posts.
      it’s so sad how many people are broken and simply waking up every day to no joy.
      these tough times are really showing the depression in many.
      i pray for everyone who is struggling.

  3. Tragic and heart breaking . Poor young man.

    My brothers please get help if you have trouble coping or have dark thoughts !!!!


  4. I just scrolled through his pics, he just graduated from high school in 2017.
    So young.
    I wish he could have gotten help.May he rest in peace.

    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 800-273-TALK(8255)

  5. Very sensitive topic sigh …22 is jus so damn young (we can’t even understand how young until we look back at it from our 30s) I jus wonder did he give himself time to heal? What age did his depression start? Did he look into every Avenue?..therapy? Asking for help? Even Taking a trip?….It’s just that suicide is the permanent “solution” to problems that sometimes could have been healed, cause even at 25 you’re not the same as 22, but I also understand not everyone is the same and suicidal depression is a deep mental battle that causes one not to think in healthy ways…

  6. I’d like to push back a little. People are complicated, busy and most people barely know who they are and what they want in life. I get that its all for show. But that is who we are as a species. We are very much about the show. We need each other. We can’t survive alone. We are constantly seeking to prove our worth so that we are not abandoned. People want to do better or at least see themselves as someone who wants to do better. Will they actually check up on someone they suspect may need help? No, they may find out that the person actually needs help and that may burden or inconvenience them. I’m surprised to see myself type this given how I personally feel almost no one values me in my personal life. We need to have more compassion for everyone. That includes people who go through the normal human virtue signally of, “we’ve got to do better” whenever someone takes thier life.

    As some one who has dealt with depression since childhood, once you become an adult that shit is easy as hell to hide. Rarely do you actually want to talk to others about it because people believe depression is just being really sad. People want to give you advice or fix you and sometimes them helping is exhausting. People who have not been depressed just don’t get it unless they are trained professionals who have specifically studied it.

    I don’t know how this man killed himself but this is still relevant. I truly urge everyone who has or wants a gun to be honest with yourself and have a very deep compassionate conversation with yourself. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that if I were a gun owner I would have killed myself years ago. Its a conversation we try not to have in the U.S. I personally will never own a gun nor will I enter into a serious relationship with a gun owner. That is for my own safety. Depression hits you fast and hard. There have been days I’ve woken up feeling off and by the end of the day I had no emotions. Its an absolutely horrible state that twist and warps your thoughts. It is not sadness. It is despair and hopelessness turned up to 11. If you’ve ever been depressed you’d wish for sadness.

    1. I am really sorry you had to deal with these hardships brother. Truly hope that things get better in due time!

      When I was younger I couldn’t deal with he thought of anyone finding out I was gay or me accepting myself as a gay man in the world. The shame was enough for me to commit suicide at the thought of my sexuality being exposed.

      It was the same as people who one day want to become doctors, I thought one day I’ jump off this building. But I was 17 and as a 34 year older man now looking back I’m like damn that was so horrible. That I was that scared of opinions and felt so unprotected.

      I can’t say it was depression, because I can’t imagine waking up with a feeling of not wanting to go on or feeling trapped by a weight that cannot be described.

      I always go back to Lee Thompson Young and how my heart still breaks because he was my hero and he had that beautiful smile. But I also now fear for my little brother who is 20 and try to figure him out, be involved, it’s scary to not know what someone is going through.

      Anyway brother please be well and know that you are loved man.

    2. While I’m obviously sorry to hear this, I know for a fact that you are speaking truths and a lot of men (people) can relate to what you just said. Hang in there brother. Keep showing up. Better days are coming.

    3. I understand your distress from childhood and had similar emotions. This strange feeling used to come over me from age 3 or 4. I felt the ( I am different ) part of me already there encroaching on my psyche.
      I can count on one hand the people who have called me during the pandemic. Especially the ones I thought would from my church. It is out of sight, out of mind. This blog is more comfort and therapeutic in a odd way. We/ You/Us will make it and persevere..

  7. I went into therapy a few years ago here in our small Southern town. Frankly, I counselled her more than she did me. She just wasn’t a good fit. It’s a unfortunate truth, but in some instances, even the therapists aren’t really hearing your heart’s call. They listen but don’t absorb a damn thing. As a vocalist, I understand that you must find the music within the music, and sing from that space.
    Tyrique was a sensitive soul wrapped in a good looking shell. Everyone probably assumed ” You’re cute, what could you have to bemoan “? Other assumptions were probably made, and they were indeed assumptions. Folks want to be loved and not just fucked. I would cherish a whole night in a strong mans arms receiving the comfort that only affection and touch can render to a exhausted, bereft spirit. I am not assuming that’s what Tyrique needed but it may have helped. Penetration does not rule the nation.. We are so saturated with dick prints and butt cracks; I’m over it. There is no mystery left in romance.
    Tyrique, fly high and I hope you are comforted in the spiritual realm on the other side.

  8. Can someone explain to me HOW CAN ANYONE LIKE THAT POST 😥😥😰😥
    What is the matter with this GenX generation 😥😥😥 how can you LIKE a post like that☹

    Maybe it me😔😔😔

    1. I think they like it because (I could be wrong) but they felt what he was saying and feel bad . The post went viral bc someone shared it on twitter

      Covid depression did a lot of people in

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