Tom Ford Thinks All Straight Wolves Need A Pipe Up In Em


/the following entry contains graphic images and material.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

tom ford,
who i think he sexy af,
had an interesting quote recently for all males.
moreso the straight ones.
i think?
either way,
he thinks all wolves should get banged at least once.
maybe even by a vixen?
i know the hybrids lost their minds over that.
well this is what he had to say via the huffington post

The famously outspoken designer and movie director, 55, got real candid about sex, death and parenting in the December issue of GQ magazine. In one of the interview’s more jaw-dropping moments, Ford explained why he feels all men should be penetrated ― and yes, he meant in the physical sense

“I think it would help them understand women,” he told GQ’s Taffy Brodesser-Akner. “It’s such a vulnerable position to be in, and it’s such a passive position to be in. And there’s such an invasion, in a way, that even if it’s consensual, it’s just very personal.” 

Ford then noted, “I think there’s a psyche that happens because of it that makes you understand and appreciate what women go through their whole life, because it’s not just sexual, it’s a complete setup of the way the world works, that one sex has the ability to literally—and is expected to and is wanted to—but also there’s an invasion. And I think that that’s something most men do not understand at all.”

As it turns out, the “Nocturnal Animals” director was doubling down on remarks he’d made in a 2004 interview with GQ, when he proclaimed, “Every man should be f*cked at some point in his life,” and, some say, appeared to proposition writer Michael Hainey (below), who is straight


“You shouldn’t force yourself to do it. But it’s really not that different than having a massage,” he said at the time. “It doesn’t feel that much different. It’s skin. You should do it with someone you like. Do it with a friend who you think is great. It’s very easy. It’s normal.”

tumblr_mzo6bnftgu1r2buuoo1_500-1now i love tom,
but i gotta say this.

i’m not the type of “gay” who feels every straight male should be turnt out.
it is a great fantasy,
but it’s just not reality.
i believe there are 110% straight males out there.
every male should not be doing “gay shit” for our sick sexual fantasies.

“i had that straight wolf on his back with his legs up in the air.
he was screaming like a girl and shit.
he never fucked a dude but i fucked the shit outta him.
look at the texts of him blowing up my phone for more dick…”

…said every hyena and jackal ever.
well he wasn’t “straight” to begin with so…
plus he wanted to share that experience with you and you kissin’ and tellin.

you’re still single and making your way through half of the city.
if a male wants to experience getting banged,
then he is gay or bi.
well some vixens are strappin’ the fuck up on the low:

^this is always weird to me,
but if he likes it then…
most wolves are straight and that’s okay.
there are plenty that are:


…and willing to explore their tails in that way.
…and yes,
i know most males are disrespectful to vixens about sex.

Does that mean we need to be disrespectful too?

lowkey: i wouldn’t care if a wolf i date got banged.
i won’t be banging him tho.
vixens shouldn’t be encouraging what tom sad either.
it’s a whole nother story when their wolf is at home…

article take: the huffington post

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

30 thoughts on “Tom Ford Thinks All Straight Wolves Need A Pipe Up In Em”

  1. I agree with him.I used a strap on once on a guy and he was a better lover after that because he had a better understanding of what is was like to be open, vulnerable,passive.A guy being penetrated is not “gay shit” unless he is being penetrated by a penis or a man.Straight men have the same anatomy as gay men.So if anal play is pleasurable for a gay man it can also be pleasurable for a straight man.It’s not about turning some guy out, it’s about exploring new ways to be pleasured.No sexual act between a man and a woman is “gay”.To be a gay sex act the people involved must be of the same sex.

    1. ^wasn’t tom implying in his original statement that “all males need to be fucked”?
      it seemed to be coming from a gay point of view because its also implied he wanted to fuck the reporter who was doing the article.
      i feel his new statement is to clean up the old one…

      males can like anal play,
      but can something really go up there without him wanting to explore a little?

      i’m still learning and i don’t mind being corrected.
      i really need to go to bed.

      1. Yes I know a couple of guys who like to be anally penetrated but are not sexually attracted to men.I almost had a threesome with a Black guy who thought he was bicurious because he liked to be penetrated with a dildo.I had the other guy who was bisexual try to fondle him,caress him and he was turned off.I asked him ,”What type of guy do you find attractive” and he said I am not attracted to any guy.

        Bottom line he thought, since he enjoyed being penetrated that he was bisexual and I said no being bisexual means you are sexually attracted or romantically attracted to a man.

      2. Thanks @Jai

        I think most women assume if their man likes anal play/penetration he is gay or bisexual.But like I said in another comment anal sex is not “gay sex” unless it involves two guys.

        Also ,unlike many women, I prefer watching gay porn.Especially porn where the guys are versatile and they flip flop so I am not disgusted or turned off by two guys together or by anal sex.

        I realize I am the exception,not the rule.😀

  2. I love this man’s Black Orchid fragrance but anyhoo

    I think I kinda get where’s he coming from I don’t think he meant it as trying to turn a straight guy out because he mentioned a female can be the one doing the penetrating . I thought about it as a fox who bottoms I think it would be interesting for wolves who top to see what we go through to take pipe. The cleaning, the bottom shaming, the whole enchilada.

    There’s something about being in that submissive role that I think would make wolves straight and gay alike better penetrators. Just my two cents

  3. I happen to agree with Tom. But, at the same time I do agree Jamari that you are correct in saying that this is not reality. The main reason, I agree with you again, is the scenario you stated about messing queens bragging about fucking a straight man. There were a couple of things that I raised my eyebrows to that you mentioned.

    I don’t think that Tom was saying that every straight man should be “turnt out”. That sounds like it’s feeding into the nonsense “gay agenda” out there that we want to turn all men gay. He is talking about the experience of being penetrated to gain understanding about women. Those of us who are truly gay know deep down that just because a man gets or even likes to get penetrated does not mean he is gay. For me being gay is way more deeper than sex. And while this might be Tom’s “sick sexual fantasy” getting penetrated is not “gay shit”. Let’s see, some of us have seen porno films of men being penetrated by women and state they are not gay. No one, not I can say otherwise unless we are hella psychic. We can have our opinion or belief and that’s it. One more thing, I believe that Tom was referring to straight males being “disrespectful to vixens about sex”. You are right that does not mean that “we have to”. I don’t think many of us have or planning to be disrespect vixens about sex unless we are having sex with them.

  4. I can’t take Tom Ford seriously. He’s about as vapid and out-of-touch as Caitlyn Jenner. Did you read the entire interview where he discusses his 4 year-old son? See below:

    And don’t even get Ford started on Jack’s light-up dinosaur shoes:

    A sore subject in the Ford household: Jack has some light-up dinosaur shoes, and sometimes he tries to wear them to school, and when Ford catches him doing this, he has to step in. “What does Dada say about the dinosaur shoes?” “They’re tacky.” “And when are we allowed to wear them?” “On weekends.”

    He’s just gotten out of a phase in which the only color he would wear was camel—“Camel, camel, camel, camel,” Ford grouses, “all he wanted was camel”—a monochrome 2-year-old. Now all he wants to wear is black. “Jack,” his father tells him, “black doesn’t really look good on little children. You need to wear some color.” Grudgingly, the toddler says, “Okay, gray.” Ford throws up his hands and retrieves some gray.

    1. If you have SEEN his interviews you would realize his dry sense of humor,he is smiling when he makes these outrageous statements.If Tom really had a problem with his son’s shoes,the boy wouldn’t have the shoes,the shoes would be in the trash.He was joking around about the shoes the same way parents(generally mothers ) joke about how they hate Crocs or how they hate that their child wants to wear the same thing everyday.Yet they let the child wear the Crocs.😂

      You really have to see Tom Ford interviews rather than read them.To watch his expression,he is very sarcastic,very biting.He has a wicked sense of humor.I agree he sounds nuts when you READ some of his interviews.😀
      I definitely agree with you about Caitlyn,though.

      1. Thanks, Y Colette for your response. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever heard him talk. I’ve only read his interviews and known him from his campaigns.

        Could never understand if he was being facetious or just an asshole.

  5. I was half sleep last night.So let me clarify I know there are many guys who after being anally penetrated by a strap on ,want the real thing(a penis).But there are also many guys that their female sex partner using a strap on on them is “enough”.I like to use the examples of lesbians.Many lesbians like to be vaginally penetrated by a dildo,that doesn’t make them straight because they like vaginal sex.I hear people all the time saying about lesbians,especially the feminine ones.Why does she want to be screwed by a dildo when she can have a real dick(man)? Duh,because she isn’t sexually attracted to men.
    Enjoying being vaginally penetrated is not the same as being straight or attracted to men.
    Enjoying being anally penetrated is not the same as being gay or bisexual.
    IMO,too many people equate being gay to a sex act.

    1. Bravo! This is spot on! 👏🏽 People put too much emphasis on figuring out how to label someone. Attraction to the same sex makes you a homosexual.

      I think every man should experience a prostate orgasm. It’s a different type of orgasm.

    2. I couldn’t have said it better myself Y Colette!

      100% agreed! I always love it when you chime in, always so insightful and our girl always comes with FACTS and RECEIPTS LOL!

  6. I think his point was that having the experience creates a deeper level of understanding of your partner’s experience. He wasn’t even suggesting that the dude should enjoy it. I have no doubt that having been penetrated makes me a better top. what I didn’t know before was how difficult it is to relax enough to make the process possible without overwhelming pain. The gift being given isn’t just pleasure, its trust, particularly for those of us whose endowment is thicker than average. It is a reminder that your partner is a person not just a hole. Words like “dominant/ submissive” and “active/passive” always felt like power dynamics that might spice up the occasional sex act but make relationships much more difficult when they become identities. I would never say ” Im a missionary position but she is a reverse cowgirl”. “I love the feel of a dick in me” is different from “Im a bottom”. I know that lots of people don’t agree with me. I think Tom Ford is right. Those of us who generally do the penetrating would benefit from being penetrated at least once.

    1. ” Words like “dominant/ submissive” and “active/passive” always felt like power dynamics that might spice up the occasional sex act but make relationships much more difficult when they become identities.”

      Very well said!

  7. I agree with mostly everyone. He definitely meant it as a way for men to understand their lovers more. Not just because he wishes to see men get fucked. Definitely an interesting point of view.

  8. Ugh I think it’s hypocrisy.

    Gay men have to be some of the most sexually rigid creatures to walk the planet.

    You all base who you’ll talk to, date, and fuck based on what they do in bed, how big their penis or ass is, etc and want to give heterosexuals lessons on sexual liberation? Lmao

    Like I told Jamari does this mean some of you bottoms that are Ray Charles to your very own penis going to start penetrating to “be a better lover?”

    Not likely and you all do so under the pretense of sexual preference.

    1. Sorry I strongly disagree. Of course there is a subgroup of gays that want to reinforce hetero norms into their sexual relationship,s but that is far from the majority. i think they are definitely less rigid than the het. Hell I see comments on here complaining about the hybrid life and how it make it hard for them because they want on or the other.

      1. Lol you always disagree with me.

        The way you make it sound like it’s only some small sample size amount of gays that care about sexual roles and labels is borderline delusional though.

        It’s very much engrained in the culture overall.

        Does not matter how good you are in other area if you’re not the sexual role, you are deemed undateable and these dudes are on to the next.

        Do verse men exist? Sure but even they’re forced to lie about ever bottoming and dealing with men that don’t bottom, don’t top, or don’t use their dicks.

  9. This sounds like some shit he tells young male models so they’ll let him fuck.

    Furthermore you’d have to be an idiot to think a man that lets a woman penetrate him with a dildo won’t eventually graduate to fucking with men and/or trannies.

    It’s just as risky as bringing a third party into the bedroom. Once you open Pandora’s box you have to be prepared for what comes out.

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