Tite ‘N’ Lean

tumblr_ndru0ofP4d1qbjqn3o1_500the type.
when i think of “prototypes”,
this is what would pop in my head.
that jawline is already making me delirious.
he looks like something that would be up in washington heights.
i also like that he isn’t too muscular as well.
 lean meat can be just as satisfying.

lowkey: i want to see more of this one.
any leads?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Tite ‘N’ Lean”

    1. @Lindo….good lord, yes!! Wash. Heights has some phyne, and I mean phyne ass kats in the neighborhood!! I tried many years ago to get a job at Columbia Medical which is right there! Came so close! lol

      1. I can imagine Columbia Medical having some delicious looking papis ova at that school. If you would had that job I wouldn’t be surprise you would see some mad handsome Dominican wearing tight dress pants showing off that curvy back of his.

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