Things A Fox Noticed During Allstar Weekend

Just a few things I noticed while watching.
Maybe some can agree, others may not…

1. Lebron James turns me on H E A V Y.
Ya’ll know how I feel about him.
I don’t know what other people don’t see,
but I see someone I wouldn’t mind getting cak by.
Between his body and his cockiness,
I’m ready for him to BEAT. THESE. CAKES.

2. I never noticed how attractive Carmelo was.
I’m glad he cut those damn cornrows.
He was looking like a butch lesbian who should be hanging with Da Brat.

3. Al Horford IS SEXY AS HELL.

But my Fox sense is telling me he is a Fox also.
Shit, he maybe the type to get crazy aggressive in the sack
and have you seeing stars with every thrust.

4. Derrick Rose.
He seems to play two sides.
On the camera, he comes off innocent and shy.
Vixens behind the scenes told me he GETS IT IN.
I don’t mind.
I know how to bring the HO outta him.

5. I thought Rihanna’s performance was cool.
I always root for the underdog anyway.
Did you see how she grabbed Drake by his jacket?
I see she been copying my moves in “I want that dick” seduction.

6. Is Chris Bosh gay?

If not, are we sure?
Honestly, I don’t think he is gay at all.
The biggest Wolves/Foxes are the ones you least suspect.

7. John Wall is cute but something about him turns me off.
I’ll figure it out  and get back to you.
Would I let him beat?
But he cannot dougie as his “beat it up” dance.

8. Everytime I think of Jesus Shuttleworth now,
I think of his #TwitterAfterDark gone wrong:

Do people actually tweet sex?
If so, I may need to try it one night.

9. Dwayne Wade does nothing for me.
Nice body but I wouldn’t let him beat.
Gabby got that.
Dwight Howard and Kevin Durant also go in that category.
Nice arms (Dwight) but I cannot get past his face or something.
Chris Paul is creepin between “Fuck Me Stupid/You My Boy“.

10. Blake Griffin is slowly creepin up to Premium Meat status.
He looks like a superhero of good dick or something.

11. The actual Allstar game is aight.
You see I’m here typing up this entry.
The ending got pretty good though.
Lebron was showing out as my boy always does.
That is why he is The King.

12. How many of these players did the DL parties this weekend?
LA has the best DL mansion parties… as I heard.
Story: Wolf  from the past fucked his Fox at some big time’s LA mansion during a downlow gathering.
He said all he saw around him was celeb dudes GETTIN’ IT IN.

13. The Slam Dunk contest was good,
but Blake’s dunk was more hype than anything else.
If he jumped over the roof, that would have been the business.
I could have jumped over the hood.
And how is DR. J gonna slip that boy mama the tongue???

14. Daniel Gibson.
W.T.F were you doing at the 3 Point Shoot out?
And why did Kevin Durant make you feel better by getting a lower score?
Also, Keyshia Cole was going off on us.
Not our fault your man is a lame Cav. LOL

15. Shaq and Hoopz?
Interesting match up.

16. I hear Trey Songz can’t play ball to save his life.
He missed every shot.
Justin Bieber owned him in the Celebrity Basketball game.
This is what happens when you play with balls Trey.

17. Surprised a Fox likes sports, huh?

18. Amare Stoudemire.
I lowkey see you.
Something about that big ass nose of yours.

19. Did the East get OWNED tonight?
If Chris Bosh didn’t miss that 3,
we would have been good.

20. Charles Barkley had way to many PAUSE moments this weekend.
How many times was he going to like someone’s body?

21. Joe Johnson has a fat ass.
Just an observation.

22. Kobe is still a good player so the MVP is well deserved.
Scandal and all, he didn’t let it hold him down.
I know he hates to hear those boos though LOL

23. Paul Pierce always looks sick.
Like this dude has the flu permanently or something.
Every time I see him I want to give him a Dimetapp.

24. Reggie and Sheryl Miller look like they need to exchange testosterone and estrogen.
Sheryl Miller looks so ruff around the edges.
She makes Queen Latifah look like Beyonce.

… Later

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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