There Is No More “Mister” In Kohinoor

well it has happened,

from all that:

“this is just for a role”
“i’m growing my hair out for hair tutorials”

…have finally come down to this moment.
mister butt cheeks is officially misses butt cheeks.
this is what a foxholer sent me today…

everyone meet jessica kohinoor.
we weren’t stupid.
i know i’m not.
she was getting super comfortable in his new life/career as jessica.

why does she sound “brooklyn/long lost kardashian”?
good to see her living her truth!

lowkey: every time i watch greenleaf,
i’m always saying the actress who plays “tasha skanks” resembles jessica:

…am i wrong?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “There Is No More “Mister” In Kohinoor”

  1. Wish I could have seen him get destroyed by a big dick and nutted on in some video before he “transitioned”. I’d still fuck him as a “girl” though. He was just a sex symbol. Well if I am lucky he will get fucked on camera at some point and that video will be put online for all of us to see.

  2. I’m always happy for someone to live their truth but his woman feels like a character , like a hyper exaggeration of what he thinks being a woman is. I’m having a hard time taking his transition serious. But go girl…

  3. After watching some of his videos he (she) kinda grew on me. Why fight it, really? Let be honest, she’s not here seeking my or anyone’s approval. Be happy and true to who you are. However, I will admit that I am worry with the increasing number of femininity and sex transitioning happening in the gay black community. And holy shit, some of these black dykes can pass as a MAN!

  4. You know what Jamari I’m over you cuz Jessica and Tasha Skanks might as well be twins lol. Who would have thunk

  5. Only my opinion, but something about him seems so insincere, like the type that in a couple of years, once the excitement dies down, will be bck to living as a guy. I also hope he isn’t all “yasss bitch” poppin lips on the daily, cause if so he’s gonna make for one annoying ass female

    1. Brian,

      I agree with you about the insincere part due to the way he handles interviews with his eye movement and responses to guests.

  6. I think hyper feminine behavior is somewhat coming with trans women. Maybe it’s to compensate for their naturally masculine features.

  7. It’s none of my business but I’m puzzled as to why GAY folks are so mad at him in the first place.. He isn’t the first nor last dude to put on a wig & skirt and then come out as trans. The animosity is just so peculiar to me.

    1. Honestly, I believe it is because many were attracted to him as a man, and do not want to visualize him as a woman, since we do not like women. It is not that we don’t like him, the fantasy of him is just gone.

      1. @The Man I thought that too,, Lol but it’s his life right? I’m sure there’s a plethora of fine ass men out there who have no intentions of dressing in a wig & heels any time soon. I just feel like folks go way too hard on this guy for standing in his (her?) truth.. That’s all. Plus a fantasy is just that, a fantasy.

    2. Same reason many are mad at feminine gays: they represent happiness in their truth. When you have so many gay men who have struggled internally with their sexuality and often had to hide it in secrecy and frustration coming in contact with men who are unabashed in their homosexual/bisexual/trans truth, there is bound to be animosity. Not say one side is better than other, of course.

  8. I have semi-followed Jacob from the beginning. I vaguely remember him saying that he was straight at one time… but gradually his feminine side came forward…. now she is a transwoman. You go girl…?

  9. *tongues pop and flicks the Nene Leakes swoop from face* gurrrrrl, Jessica Kohinoor wants to show off what she’s worth: NOTHING BUT ASS! That’s all she got is ass and no brain. She may have given head in class, but she could never get ahead in class, and that’s saying something. Yeah, Jacob may have the booty and the face, but hunty, all he got in that head of his was space. So, kudos to Jessica *rolls eyes* I guess.

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