The Wolf Who Wanted Some Tail That Didn’t Exist Anymore

tumblr_inline_nfojqfJ52c1sjiyxrso this week was star fox’s death anniversary.
it was down,
but i still kept productive about it.
he wouldn’t want me to be a mess,
even though he loved putting me back together when i was.
so i called star fox’s mother tonight.
we have been kinda separated,
but we always come back around during this time.
well tonight,
she had a recent story to tell me…

so she won’t turn off star fox’s phone.
i’m glad because i can still hear his voice on his vm.
well she began to tell me how one of star fox “friends” sent a text.
it happened around memorial day weekend.
by “friends” i already knew it was a wolf.
so she begins to read the text to me:

“yo wsup.
been thinking bout you.
haven’t heard from you in a while.
i’m back in town and trying to get up in that booty…”

6me0z_s-200x150i damn near screamed.

he was real popular.” – i replied

“how many wolves was my son involved with?” – she asked.

i ignored the question.
star fox knew a lot of wolves.
she was laughing as she read it.
it was nice to see her not have a heart attack.
she told me she let him know star fox had passed.
he told her he didn’t know and wasn’t trying to be disrespectful.
she said he was really hurt by the news.
imagine a wolf trying to get some fox tail,
but getting the memo that it doesn’t exist anymore.
tumblr_mqtmy0ykep1qcwgrvo1_500he gotta update his files with the recent update.
3 years you now reaching out for some ass tho?
really pineapple?

i could hear the convo between star fox and i now.

“you gonna do it?” – i’d ask.

“hell yeah.
that dick was good last time i remembered.” – he would reply

“be careful!” – i’d respond

“of course.
it’s going to be quick anyway.
i gotta wake up early.
lemme go ‘get ready’…” – he’d say before hanging up.

“get ready” always meant “clean himself out”.
i knew my best friend well.

i ended up spending a few hours on the phone with his mom.
we talked about everything from ww to mi.
i needed that mental release.
she gave me some good advice and told me pray about them.
she has been praying for me.
i’m grateful.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “The Wolf Who Wanted Some Tail That Didn’t Exist Anymore”

  1. Sorry for your lose Jamari….. but what he text to your best friend and the fact that his mom read it was hilarious

    1. ^its funny how im the only friend of star fox that only communicates with his mother still.
      the others fell off or were only there when he passed.

  2. OMG, I am screaming LoL, this reminds me of the time, I was talking to a friend of mine who by all intents is Flaming to the highest degree on the thermometer and I told him that he needed to cool his little pussy down and stop trying to take so many big dicks, not knowing that he had me on speaker phone with his mother who started laughing. I was so shame because I am old school, I rarely ever talk about anything crazy in front of my friends parents especially gay topics. He on the other hand told me that he talks to his mother about everything including sex with men. I dont think I could ever be that comfortable talking to my mother like that. I am glad that Star Fox mother is like a mother figure to you we all need these especially when we no longer have our Biological mothers.

  3. He hit his phone years later asking for some booty. What ever happened to asking someone how they have been?

    I know you still miss him Jamari. I guess his mother will not turn off his phone because that would mean she would have to face the reality of the situation.

    1. ^thats what i told his mother.
      3 years and you talking about deep divin in the booty?
      what if the number changed?

      i miss him a lot.
      he was my best friend.
      ryde or die.
      his mother doesn’t seem like she is turning that phone off.
      that is the number i call to speak to her.
      i’m also comforted when i hear his vm.

      1. I think it’s sweet that she keeps his phone, and it has the vm on it. It’s like a little memento. I love that you call her every year. I’m glad you are there for each other. She is the one person who understands the same pain you do. You guys can share memories and history of star fox with each other. You two need each other during this time of year.

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