The Walking Dead was LIT!


wasn’t that episode of “the walking dead” the best mid season premiere?
so i have thoughts with some spoilers

  • when all of those bikers blew up>>>>
  • i thought sasha was going to make her exit
  • “do not give your baby to that idiot priest rick…”
  • “shut up sam”
  • morgan can die now
  • carol done put the fear in sam and that’s why he is zombie chow
  • i actually felt bad the mother died
  • i loved michonne killing ron.
    he was really annoying.
    CbONbzOWAAAVgnd“fetty carl” is what they about to call him.
  • rick had no fucks to give when he went out there by himself
  • i thought glenn was about to die
  • sasha and that ginger with the machine guns on 10
  • i love how everyone clocked in to kick walker ass
  • that final fight scene against the enemies was foxhole goals
  • i am still in shock and full of anxiety

“the walking dead” is one of my favorite shows.
i am so glad they continuously bring it every season.
now if you’ll excuse me,
i need a alprazolam.


Author: jamari fox

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5 thoughts on “The Walking Dead was LIT!

    1. Hate to say it, but I was glad that little annoying brat got killed. Glad that Wolves member was killed too…he was gonna do some unspeakable stuff to that girl, Denise. Am I wrong for wanting them to kill Eugene also?! I don’t know, but I hate weak characters. Especially when you know you’re in a me-or-them type of situation.

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