The Things You Do When You Have Good Dick In Your Life

i been fuckin him for almost a year now.
i got to admit,
he serves me some mean pipe when i need it.
who knew what started out on the d/l,
would turn into something that has been really heavy.
i told myself, “don’t get hooked on the dude“.
of course,
when he sends that text or he calls…
there i go running like a child to his father’s arms.
funny thing is,
he does the same to me…..

we met online.
i hit him up first.
he had no picture and was very vague.
so was mine.
it was a light conversation.
he wanted to get to know me.
i wanted to know him.
we clicked.
we met.
we fucked.
it was great.
i thought he was going to fuck me into another dimension.
two rounds.
two nuts.
he left.
i thought i wouldn’t hear from him again.
i was okay with that.

“yo you busy?” he asked.
“you don’t say hello?”
“fuck you.”
“we did that last week.”
“you got jokes?”
“my boys left and i’m free.”
“ok so what does that mean?”
“whatchu think it mean?”

i knew what it meant.
he wanted to come over here and slide that dick up in me.
whatever hole was available.
i mean i was free.
all i was doing was playing xbox anyway.

“you want to come over here?”
“naw i want you to meet me somewhere else.”
“somewhere else?”
“you got me playing some where’s waldo dick or some shit?”
“naw yo just get ready and ima have a cab scoop you in an hour.”

i hung up and got ready.
did the necessary cleaning to make sure the tunnel was open for traffic.
he likes to go deep.
i put on some casual shit.
the good shit i kept for occasions when i didn’t want to dress up.
i heard a honk and like clock work,
it was the cab.
in a hour.

the cab brought me to some house about thirsty minutes from mine.
he was standing there.
he looked so fuckin good.
he had on a black hoody,
black sweats,
and a ton of “i want you to lick the sweat off my body” that i could smell from inside the car.
he was… fine.
he was a little taller than me,
body like crazy,
and a face that could get him out of trouble.
not with me.
i like to give him shit.
he likes when i talk shit to him.
i’m not scared of him.
underneath all that muscle was a teddy bear who wanted love,
but he has gotten his way with too many vixens.
he knows i have a limit.
he paid the cab and i got out.

“where the hell am i?”
“i wanted to try something new.”
“you not about to kill me and sell my body on the black market or some shit?”
“yeah and i’m keeping that ass and mouth in the freezer.”
“oh yeah?”

i grabbed his dick.
i was bold.
no one was around and it was pretty quiet.
plus, whatever had on made me sexually high.

“y’all coming in?” this dude asked from his door.

scared the shit out of me.
also confused me and had me a little nervous.
he put his hand on the small of my back and lead me up the porch.
i was nervous as shit.
i hope this mofo didn’t think i was getting the train ran on tonight.
he could get that same cab and get me the fuck home.

when i saw the other dude up close,
he was not cute at all.
he looked like a black dr. robotnik from sonic the hedgehog.
he was nice though.
he offered me a drink.
i don’t know him and now i’m looking at my wolf crazy.
i got my poker face on and excellent skills in jiujitsu.
not really,
but i’d play pretend fighting for my life.
i won’t flip the fuck out until i know what’s going on.

“i know you’re wondering what’s going on…”
“yeah i am.” i took a sip of my water and looked at my wolf.
“i wanted to try something new with you…”
“oh really? what is it that you want to do exactly?”
“he wants to watch me fuck you….”

my eyes opened wide.
i tried not to choke on the water.

“… that’s it?”

i got the full story.
this random guy has crushed on my dude for a while now.
they met online.
my wolf isn’t attracted to him.
he sadly is.
does anything my wolf asks.
currently paying a couple bills and buys him food.
my wolf is a bonafide freak.
he always wanted to fuck with someone watching.
it would turn him on so why not his financial sponsor we were sitting in front of?
i’m not going to lie,
it made me horny as hell.
i just hope the fat ass doesn’t think of trying to creep in the bed.
try to slide his dick in my mouth or something.
not wit it.

“i don’ know.” i said.
“why you don’t know?” my wolf asked.
“because you just spring this type of shit on me like you was asking me if i want chicken or steak.”
“so you saying you don’t want to do it?”

i could tell he was getting mad.
i want to push him some more..

“like i said, i don’t know.”
“understandable.” fat ass said, face looking all sad and disappointed. 

i could tell he doesn’t get dick like that.
he screams “not happy with himself”.
it was stinking up the room.
his poor balding self obviously wants to be dicked down badly.
my wolf would probably fuck him into the next dimension and make him hand over the keys to this crib.

“why do you want to watch?” i asked him.
“it’s a fantasy of mine.”
“why him?” i asked, pointing to my wolf.
“because… well, look at him.”
“i mean, he okay tho…”

wolf looked at me like i was crazy.
he knew he was the shit in the looks department.
he works out damn near every day.
damn near owns all of the cvs beauty aisle in his bathroom.
i saw his before pictures.
he was slim and definitely who he is now.
he sculpted his body from okay to “i wish i had a uterus so i could have his fucking children”.

“so if i do this, you just watching?”
“yo whats with these questions? this ain’t csi!” wolf interrupted.
“would you shut the fuck up please?” i asked, getting in that defensive mode.
“yes. maybe jack off.”

that turned me on heavy.
i’m sure this would make his christmas.
two hot ass dudes fucking before his very eyes.
that nut is waiting patiently to bust.
i could have walked out the door and say fuck it.
my feet were already two steps ahead of me.
but, that side of me was also talking.
you know: “the hoe”.
he was cheering this on.
do it!
do it!
i was scared.
i was asking myself the “what if?” and “then what would happen?”.
i took a sip of my water.
everyone was looking me for my decision.
i made it.

“well then lets do this…” i stood up, looked at my wolf and looked at him.

it’s about to be on.



Written By Jamari Fox
(C) 12.18.12 10:40am

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “The Things You Do When You Have Good Dick In Your Life”

  1. Yea, good dick will have your ass doing crazy shit like this, lol. Just make sure you really want to do it for yourself and make sure you let it be known what can and cannot happen.

  2. Shit..!!!! I had to readjust my draws right here at work…waiting patiently (like hell) for the rest of this story… #sighs

  3. Why does a good sex game make us so crazy? Its like he says jump and I hit the celing. I sometimes have to stop and check myself like… wait, what are you doing?!

    1. Lol, I know. Then when you check yourself he start whispering shit in your ear and the draws just melt off. I had to go on hiatus to get myself together after the last good dick I had. I had to build up my resistence. After that I was back to normal.

  4. Big Upz!! Jamari, I digg that you took a chance, I mean the situation is completely controlled and you can stop if and when you don’t like whats going on. I sometimes wonder if these situations are tests by wolves to see how far and/or freaky I am or will subject myself to for his pleasure, amusement, etc. It sounds like it turned out to be a memorable experience.

    1. I think it is a test to see if youre boyfriend material. If you give them hell and refuse, you pass. If you give in and do what they ask, you fail. Wolves want to see if you have self respect, loyalty and the ability to set them straight when needed. Now this is not applicable to every situation. You got some who just freaks.

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