Did JR Smith Have To Diss K Michelle Like This Tho?

so i don’t know if ya’ll been following this hook up.
k michelle was fuckin’ with jr smith.
she been trying to get this dick for the longest:

or as i like to call him:

she could do better.
well she got it and now she got dissed today.
look at how he played her stupid on twitter…

i need him to know how to spell S I N G L E before he starts throwing stones.

of course she responded

i hope that dick was worth all of this thirst and embarrassment.
she went IN with the thirst about this wolf.
i wanted to throw water on her.
as for him,
could be not call or text her?
why did he have to be an asshole about it on twitter?
i know one thing and this should be a lesson to k michelle and my foxes

these wolves just want that fat ass.
stop being so easy accessible with it.
these (baller/rapper) wolves only want to pound your guts/throat in for a month and then split.

again: she can do better.

all the hoes who are cosigning him for this stunt,
yet still low key creepin’ for the dick,
don’t you know he will do this to you too?

6 thoughts on “Did JR Smith Have To Diss K Michelle Like This Tho?

  1. I like the way she handled it.

    Made her jokes and kept it moving.

    And JR Smith is not cute and couldn’t get anywhere near me. He looks like he smells and that he’s carrying more than basketballs. I’ll pass.

  2. Ugh, my girl K. Michelle just can’t win! She was trying hard to get that dick though. On radio singing songs about him and shit, I can’t deal. Her taste in men is soo questionable. There’s nothing cute or interesting about JR Smith. Gross. Looking at him makes me wanna go take a long ass hot shower.

    on another note: she is lookin right on that King magazine photo *bites lip*

    1. He has that rough look to him like he could blow your back out. Let’s be honest J.R. looks like he can lay some serious pipe. He ain’t cute, but I bet he can fuck.

      1. LOL I don’t think so. But he’s got K. Michelle running back to him so he just might have some dick swangin skills. Idk he seems like the type that would be like “That dick feel good don’t it?” when he’s really not hitting them walls and makin’ em sang & harmonize like they’re supposed to.

  3. K Michelle just can’t find the right man. It’s a damn shame. What made her think she could take a man like J.R. Smith seriously?

  4. Yea he was foul for that one….she must told him his dick was little or that his balls stanky. She probably bruised his ego and he was trying to get back at her.

    She could do SO much better..I wanna see K. Michelle win but she gotta get over some issues..

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