The Potential Write Ups On The Wall

tumblr_n4zl90VmZZ1t2463ro1_500…and it starts.
so this morning,
i was called into my boss’s office.
liar liar was also in there.
she wasn’t trying not to give me eye contact,
but my boss was on full stare down mode

so apparently they both wanted to give me a verbal warning.
i came in late this morning due to the train being messed up.
20 minutes late.
i sent a text to my boss about why i was going to be late/
no answer.
okay then cool.

i got to work and she told me it was “okay”.
so why am i in her office now…?
not only that,
they also wanted to discuss the days i’ve called out.
completely irrelevant.
i swear to god i sat in there like this:

stosi truly had no fucks to give.

“if you are late again,
i will have to write you up.
3 write ups and you’re terminated.”


no fucks to give.

i went back to my desk and did my work.
i was lowkey fuming,
but i played it off as i listened to some inspirational music.

“patiently waiting” – 50 cent, featuring eminem

that whole “get rich or die tryin” helped get me through today.
i fuckin’ swear it did.
so while i was working,
the lovely vixens of a huge fashion magazine came over to visit me.
they always do before they leave.

“you look so sad.
its all in your eyes.”

“i’m just done here.
i want to leave this job.
i’m over it so bad.”

“aww honey well you are so great.
we will miss you because you are amazing.”

“don’t worry.
i’ll be okay.
i plan to go onto bigger things.”

“i know you will.
you may end up being our client.”


anigif_enhanced-buzz-2122-1357926300-1…and after she said that,
i knew that was the sign from the universe.
the writings are definitely on the wall.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “The Potential Write Ups On The Wall”

  1. Liar liar and ur boss can have a stadium full of seats and drink a tall glass of go fuck yourself. You’ll be fine boo…their constant nit picky bs is just molding you into a strong ass person. Ur future is bright…keep ur head up!

  2. Again…Jamari, you are a better man than I am. I would have said that if it was a problem with my being late, can you tell me why you said it was ok? If you want me to make up the 20 minutes, I can do that…no problem. I’ll take a short lunch or I’ll stay 20 minutes later. I can’t control what happens with the MTA.
    If it’s an issue with me being late behind an issue that is out of my control…can you tell me why so many people come stepping up in here late every morning?And if they say who…I’d break it down, including them if need be. LOL
    I’ve been there before, and I shut it down QUICK. If you’ve done nothing wrong, there’s nothing they can say. They’re being petty…and you have to let them know that YOU KNOW they’re being petty!
    Were you ever late before?

    1. I agree with you. Why was he even in the office to begin with if it was ok. I guess him being late was a chance for them to seize the opportunity to talk about the days he missed.

      Jamari, what was Liar doing in there tho? What is that hoe’s status?

  3. Hello Mr. Fox,

    Now’s the time for you to read ” The Alchemist” ! The universe has been preparing you for the steps you must take to begin your journey towards your Person Legend. Trust young man, This book will change your life!! I won’t say anything more!! BTW congrats on the new Laptop!! I knew you could do it!!!

  4. Those assholes have been waiting with baited breath for you to do something wrong.Anything.I bet they could barely contain themselves when they heard you were late.
    Just know it is always darkest before the dawn.

  5. You had the right attitude of giving no fuxxs, coincidentally enough, on yesterday I received a dreaded email from my new temporary boss telling me my performance was getting to be a problem because of some missed deadlines. I already know this, but I guess he wanted to start a paper trail on me. I was a little pissed and had thought about just being an OG and tell him to FUXX himself and take this job and shove it up his ass, but I talk to a family member who told me to calm my ass down and think sensibly. I didnt respond to the email until this morning and he did not respond again until almost quitting time. I have been playing it in my head how I was going to play this when I finally talked to him. He call me and surprisingly enough was really nice and tried to be helpful in helping me get back on track. I dont know if its fake or not but I was ready to go FED on him if he got out of line. I went from a Black Boss to a white one for now and I never trust them as a Black man that they will ever have my back or best interest. I can handle white women, but the men are always a challenge because I know they are low key haters. I am coming up with a plan as we speak on my get away, this same family member informed me of something I never thought about doing and it so fit me, I just have to come up with the money to get my certification but I am going to find a way because I will not be a prisoner to this hellhole in 2015. It’s no better feeling than having options and being in demand.

    1. Most males in the office environment are intimidated by other males. I have 4 guys in my office, including myself. The rest of the office is all females, including the VP of the department…and I think that chick is suffering ADHD. Two guys are upper management, and me and the other guy are low on the totem pole. LOL
      The two bosses, one is actually second-in-command, barely talk to us. If they want something, they talk to our supervisors instead of asking us themselves. They will look dead in your face and not utter a word. That’s a pet peeve of mine. I’ve called out several people in my office on that one. I don’t care if you never speak to me for the rest of the day, but I’m sure that you were taught manners (or not) growing up to say hello/good morning/whatever when you see someone.
      If you’re a pushover, they will try to intimidate you and make you fear them. If you ask questions or voice your opinion, they deem you a threat, and try to sabotage you on the sly. That is why I always say document everything. They can’t come for you if you cover your ass! Because they know that a lawsuit can follow. LOL

  6. I hope and prey those vixens from the fashion magazine scoop you up. That job is getting tiring and they just don’t know how to use you or your light. Fuck those hoes.

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