Vine Is Where The Wolf Lives

tumblr_ni5eq2nNnP1ql48q6o1_1280 i think this wolf is so fine,
but gaddamn!
he makes a lot of vines

…not that i’m complaining when he is shirtless.
he definitely needs to pursue acting.
hell a reality show with those people he works with.
the way his body is set up tho:


lowkey: he reminds me of the wolf that is the class clown.
the vixen thinks he is corny and she doesn’t want to give him pussy.
one day he finally wears her down and ends up fucking the shit out her.
now she out here sprung and blowing up his phone.

he seems like that wolf.

therealchuckwillery: vines

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “Vine Is Where The Wolf Lives”

  1. He has his hair and beard exactly how I want mine. I kind of hoped he did jack-off vids from the looks of that first vine. His lips remind me of another viner I’ve been crushing on named yung poppy.

  2. Yaoooooo, I’ve seen his lil short cute ass in person in DC lol..

    I had to investigate because you know when you feel like you’ve seen someone before, but not sure until I saw he’s from RVA

  3. Yeah vine is where it’s popping so many funny videos. Plus the nasty ones are great for only a few seconds. So many jack off, fuck, and foxes showing cakes.

  4. even though I’m certain he’s shorter than me, I can’t even front.
    there’s something about him I can’t quite put my finger on …
    and then the LIPS!!!!!
    I walk into every one of his #ThristTraps every time… Him and Tpindell… every time

  5. that body is SERIOUS!!! I can’t deal with the hair and beard though. My cousin wears his shyt like that and it bothers me to no end. No matter how cute/phyne…if you look unkempt, I can’t be bothered. I’m about neat, clean appearances. Sorry…it’s my momma and military training! LOL

  6. he’s very handsome…and that’s alli got i became bored with Vine, tried it, over it *on to the next one* it’s TOO many social media sites out here

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