So Lupita Nyong’o Had No Love For Kenya Moore?

kenya-moore-writes-detroit-public-schools-checkso kenya moore attended the golden globes sunday night.
might i add,
she looked ( x stunning ).
i’m sure she was able to mingle and network with a ton of a list celebs.
well one celebrity,
and one of my favs,
lupita nyong’o wasn’t as welcoming to miss moore.
this is what kenya recalled when asked about her night on twitter…


so i have a story!
one that was told to me about an encounter with lupita.
i was speaking with my homeboy who works in the industry.
he was telling me how he worked the cdfa awards
the one were rihanna wore that see through number.
of course,
being the fox i am,
i like to sniff out scoop on my favorite celebs.

“did you meet rihanna?”

she is gorgeous.
very nice.
she is quiet,
but she had no problems speaking to people.”

#rihannanavy = +1
he went on to lupita n’yongo:

“she wasn’t really nice.”

oh no.
so he proceeded to tell me how she was:

“she acted real demanding.
she wanted something and expected you to get immediately.
you can tell she is use to her people catering to her,
but she was doing it to random people who worked backstage.
she did it to me and i walked away from her.”

epicdunkfacedammit lupita!
now this is all “alleged” and “word of mouth”,
but i was a little disappointed with what i heard.
i chalked it up to maybe she was having a bad day.
i hope.
you know how much i have written about her in past entries.
so kenya maybe onto something.
lets not just jump down her throat because of a character she plays on tv.
i just hope lupita isn’t like that when i meet her.
i would hate to let her know about herself.

lowkey: also if you looked at the e red capret,
it looked like lupita didn’t pay katie holmes no mind either.
i noticed that when i was watching.
i could be wrong tho.
maybe she was upset about that helmet she had on her head?
i would have had an attitude too.

screencap: twitter

14 thoughts on “So Lupita Nyong’o Had No Love For Kenya Moore?

  1. When I first read about this incident I swore Kenya was doing this to extend her already used-up 15 minutes of fame. I hope the account about Lupita is wrong. I don’t want to believe it. However, I really don’t think it is in Lupita’s best interest to be in a photo with Kenya. She is up and coming and has to stay out of the chitlin circuit.

    But this whole incident reminds me of years ago when I was a member of a club and Cicely Tyson was our guest. I was part of the welcoming committee. I had been a fan of hers for years…I mean I grew up watching Sounder and Miss Jane Pittman.

    But she acted a complete bitch that day. A fan took her picture without asking and she blew up on them. “I don’t know where that picture will end up!,” she said. The young man had come with his wife. He was so excited waiting for her to appear. I will never forget how sad his face looked.

    This was in the mid 90s. Her career was kinda stagnant. She had a part in Fried Green Tomatoes and later in Hoodlum. But she wasn’t pulling parts. But she acted like the Queen of England.

    After that I can never watch her without the thought of how she acted coming into my mind. It really soured me on her. Hopefully Lupita won’t end up being the same way.

    1. Kenya tweeted that she never asked for a pic with Lupita, her friend did.
      As I have said before if Kenya’s lips are moving the bitch is lying.She waited almost a week to tweet to this clarification.#Team Lupita

  2. What kills me is these reality stars gain fame and all of a sudden act like they’re Meryl Streep and like they are on the same level as A-list actors. Its no secret that in Hollywood, reality stars are seen as the lowest form of life. I’m sure she got snubbed by alot of people that night

  3. Come on now lets be for real, Lupita is an Academy Award winning actress and Kenya Moore is a BET Blackbuster mainstay, who’s known more for her work with BlackHair Magazine, Hype Hair, her straight to DVD releases etc. Sometimes, stars of certain stature just dont want to be seen with you because they feel it cheapens their brand. It is possible, that Lupita was like who the hell is this? It aint like she is a well known actress like our beloved Vivica A. Fox or something. Im gone press pause on Kenya for this one.

    1. @ Tajan, I agree, kind of like the Charlize Theron issue with one of the Sister/Sister twins who said Ms. Theron, dissed her after a spin class or something?? I mean really, who is Ms. Moore!! A-listers only hang with A-Listers, not Z-listers, or those who don’t even rate a letter??

  4. Look celebs have their days. I recall three years ago Tyson Beckford was a guest at a fashion event in Jamaica and some girls wanted to take pics with him and he told them no. I was in the VIP area and I overheard him saying that he had a long flight and didn’t get to rest before he came the event. fast forward to new years eve 2014. He was in Jamaica again at a party and he was all over the place taking pics and having a good time. Maybe Lupita wasn’t up to it… it’s a lot of work getting ready for these award shows. Walking the red carpet,presenting, etc. All of us have done it . I go to work feeling grumpy,I take elevator and not the stair because I’m trying to avoid running into a coworker who’s gonna start a conversation. Bottom line Lupita is human.

    1. Picking out what I’m gonna wear to an award show, memorizing the lines a group of writers wrote for me to say, and showing up to sit and watch other good looking people walk up and down a runway. Sounds like hard work. I’d be sometimes pissed too.


  5. Even though I’m #TeamKenya for a host of different reasons beyond RHOA coonery, I can’t (don’t wanna?) believe this about Lupita. Gotta call a spade, a spade – the first thing I saw upon opening my browser were e-blasts from Us Magazine setting up this epic cat fight between these two women.
    So, a part of me believes this was Kenya being opportunistic and trying to stay in the headlines – especially being on 2 reality shows currently on the air … girl’s trying to milk this 15 minutes for all it’s worth

  6. With Kenya and your industry friend saying that, I believe it. The ones we admire seem to have the nastiest attitudes.

  7. I would hope that’s not the case since I’m a fan. I will say you never know how a star truly is until you are around them face to face. I don’t know I want to give her the benefit of the doubt maybe she just wasn’t feeling Kenya that night q(understandable). Everyone including me has moments where they aren’t the nicest.

  8. Well let’s see who I believe?
    The woman with the fake boyfriend(Walter)?
    The woman who seems to have feuds with every other woman she interacts with?
    The woman with the imaginary African Prince Millionaire boyfriend?

    If Lupita had such a bad rep it would be all over the tabloids,gossip sites,etc
    I find it interesting that I haven’t seen ANY pics of Kenya with any celebs at the Golden Globes.I’ve seen pics of NeNe with Common,Tamar,John Legend’s wife,etc
    #Team Lupita

    1. From what I’ve seen, Lupita Nyong’o is a class act and Kenya Moore is a Jack Ass. (Look in the dictionary for the definition and her picture is there right next to Jack Ass Kanye West.) Big difference.

  9. Honestly I’m not surprised by this because A) Africans don’t like black Americans B) I’m not saying all, I just observe, most Africans feel entitled to whatever and tend to be high-noser. C) Hollywood lifestyle probably corrupted her already.

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