“the pattern” in the way it dragged me

i wrote on my twitter this morning:

“the pattern app dragged me”

…and i’m okay with that.
a good dragging can help you understand yourself better.
we are all ignorant until we get the answers.
a co worker told me about the app last week,
but when a foxholer mentioned it to me in a recent convo,
i knew The Universe was pushing me to download it.
the pattern” is a horoscope app.
you put in your birth date and the time of your birth.
this is BIG FACTS about me…

that was the first thing that dragged me.
that is so on-point about me.
this was the other details about me:

the part about relationships tho:

all me; all day.
i love captivating and powerful males.
the ones i “thought” were that ended up being very beta.
i’m attracted to alpha wolves,
but i’m starting to think i’m an alpha fox.
that has been one of my biggest challenges in looking for a wolf.

i’m beyond impressed with this app.
it even has ways to handle the retrograde based on my personality.
check it out and share if it dragged you or not.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on ““the pattern” in the way it dragged me”

  1. Looks like it’s only available on Apple Play… mobile operating system discrimination at it’s finest… hmpf.

  2. This app is legit witchcraft. There is no way that you’re telling me that you can get a definitive read and fix on somebody just by giving a DOB and TOB. It doesn’t seem generic at ALL. What makes it scary is that I’m on a legit journey of self love and self care as a result of a breakup i’m still trying to get over. If I didn’t go through the breakup, none of what the Pattern said about me would be applicable. That’s what scares me the most.

    1. ^i was a little frightened reading it,
      but it is very legit to me and what my purpose is on this earth.
      i’m very analytical,
      and always searching for answers to things.

      i’m glad i downloaded this.

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