demarcus crews: the alleged jackal of housing and residential education at morehouse?

looking back on your life,
ask yourself:

Have you ever done anything that made someone else uncomfortable?

as males,
whether gay or straight,
we can be too aggressive and it can lead to the discomfort of others.
this leads to the conversation about demarcus crews.
he’s the director of housing and residential education at “morehouse”.
he’s in quite the scandal these last few days.
it all started with a video on twitter about his behavior towards students…

which led to this video as well:

from what i read in a couple articles,
demarcus was an alleged mess out here.
as a top administrator at morehouse,
he was acting way too thirsty and tactless.
no reason why you’re in a higher position and allegedly via ““:

“I was assaulted by a staff member at Morehouse College by the name of the DeMarcus Crews.” He says the assault sent him into a “bad depression.” He says Crews was “trying to force me to come out about my sexuality, making advances at me, telling me I need dick. Comments like that,” adding Crews allegedly said: “Didn’t I tell your bitch ass to text me if you need anything?” Declining to go into the specifics of the assault, he alleges in the beginning, Crews touched him in unwanted ways.

“In my freshman year, he used to do sh*t to me, hugging on me, pinching my cheeks … just predatory sh*t like that.”

In February, Karter got a call from a friend who said Crews had phoned him. The friend said Crews announced that Karter “came out to him,” and was “having sexual relations with a different student on campus…”

“He was making all these allegations, telling the student these things that I never said to him. I can take students talking about me, but when administration is saying these things and making up these rumors about students that’s when it’s been taken too far.”

one of the foxholers told me they allegedly messed with to him.
they claimed they could see him getting caught up in the allegations.
he was allegedly very “cocky” aka “doing too much“,
in their words.

it leaves me to wonder:

How far is too far?

in this life,
we are taught in the forests that “the more aggressive; the better“.

intense eye contact
being extra flirty and making hints

we test the waters to see who gets down and who is down to fuck.
for many,
they are okay with males doing the heavy lifting.
they continue on until it finally “happens“.
we have to realize WHEN we are doing entirely too much tho.
ive heard:

he’s always naked online so he should expect gays to be aggressive”


“Males are just as aggressive with vixens so they should deal with it from gays”

i use to have that same mentality,
but i have come to realize you have to be careful.
not everyone is open to YOUR aggressiveness.
we need to know that just because we have “power” in some capacity,
that doesn’t mean we need to use it perversely.
you start doing extra and be hit with “sexual assault”.
this doesn’t mean you can’t flirt.
everyone flirts.
the moment you start going overboard,
you can become “demarcus crews”.
stay woke.

lowkey: be careful of straight males who will act like their interested,
but suddenly pull back and act like you were “sexually assaulting” them.
there are many out here that aren’t to be trusted.
make sure you always keep your receipts with them.

article quotes cc: heavy

read more about this scandal: new york times

13 thoughts on “demarcus crews: the alleged jackal of housing and residential education at morehouse?

  1. When I heard about this, it was not that startling to me one bit. Morehouse is an all men’s school, and lot of gay men are students there, meaning some of that will likely carry on over to the staff as well. What I find strange is the fact that he was so comfortable preying on them as adults. At any point, he could have tried a student and rocked in the jaw lol. College is not like high school where students may be afraid to hit a staff member, even if it meant being suspended for a semester or two.

  2. I have friends at Morehouse that have told me about this dude, weird he’s now viral for being a thirsty mess. Apparently he’s a cashapp sugar mama.. those boys were eating good not to make a joke out of it

    Before I demonize those man, which is fairly easy to do given the facts we know about him… I think it’s also important to mention that these boys aren’t complete victims.. I’ve heard a lot of stories about what goes down. It’s still disgusting that a member of leadership would engage.

    1. That makes it all the more weird. I’m sure plenty of those dudes on campus and in ATL in general would’ve fucked him just because, so its crazy he wants to chase dudes.

      I too would like to see the results of a full investigation because students can and do get vindictive when the relationship sours or they’re not getting housing or financial aid and being a gay black man isn’t as taboo in ATL

  3. This article is so saddening, because the individual in which name is stated above should have better morals and respect for himself. It’s always one or two idiot’s working in positions of authority take advantage of the power bestowed upon them. If you’re a gay guy don’t force yourself on anyone else just because you have power. Yes straight individuals do it all the time. Allow yourself to conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times. Destruction of your representation and the schools has tremendous implications and consequences. My advice sit down and enjoy the fruits of your labor. It kills me to see professional people waste the education and their entitlement to foolishness!!

  4. So I play a big part in student leadership within housing and res life at my school. And not naming names, but there is a guy here, gay guy, who always chooses attractive guys to be RA’s or work within res life solely based on how they look.

    I know first hand, some muscular guy walked in the building and he asked the person at the desk “who is he? ask him if he wants to be an RA.” they guy- who became a friend- became an RA but near the end of the year he was telling me about his experience.

    He said point blank how he didn’t know why but the guy was now trying to get him off his staff, wrote him up etc, but this was after my guy was pulling away from him/ showed clearly he was straight.

    Res Life is ALWAYS majority filled with gay men. no matter the school it is rare for straight men to join that branch. But the story does end there.

    This guy ended doing some mentoring to this really attractive guy on campus. he made him an RA then worked really really hard to get close to him. from the outside, you would think they were best of friends, but….

    …i spoke to the cute guy. he couldn’t stand the man and always annoyed with how close he was getting. The res life guy was obsessed, got him some expensive gifts like beyonce tickets or a designer clothing etc.

    But then you see him still using his power and influence to hire attractive guys to be RA’s. this means they would feel close or indebted to him. It’s low hey disturbing and im quiet until those guys say something. It’s messed up but people in power and insecure about themselves, their looks, their bodies, whatever will overcompensate with that power. They will offer them the these roles because it’s all they have to offer.

    Res life is filled with fresh college guys, who are aloe for the first time, unsure and will look for guidance recognition wherever they get it. This story does not surprise me. People with power will try to get at them if it means they can have a slice.

    1. ^i’m learning some new things with this story.
      thank you for sharing hootie.
      it’s almost like these folks have no game,
      so they have to do shit like this to get sex.

      for some in power,
      they can get sex without doing anything.
      others have to do “extra” and get quite the reputation.

    2. Hootie,

      I work for education and I would suggest for you to reach out to the person that is over Residence Life (anonymously) and let them know. This could be a major nightmare for a school, if this person ends up touching someone inappropriately or worst (rape) the individual. It needs to be brought to the school attention to protect the students and the employees that work at that school.

  5. Why cant someone just Fuck him up and slap his ass and send him to the hospital? Sick Fuck he is

  6. wow this is crazy …sexual assault is so taboo in our community and Morehouse College is just an extension of that dysfunction. Some will question the legitimacy of these alleged victims accusations and others will side with them. When you’re an educator you are in a position of authority and are entrusted with your students. Morehouse broke that oath of trust.

    1. I was a student leader in housing and residence life myself, so I understand both sides of the issue. Whether the young men were telling the truth or not, Crews was supposed to be an advocate for them, not prey on them. I also read LJ’s comment and that got me thinking over the weekend. Some individuals should not be in student affairs period. At the same time, young gay men should carry themselves in a way which discourages this behavior. I had no problem with him looking out for those guys, but he crossed several lines. Given the positive strides Morehouse has made towards the black gay community, this scandal sets them back. He should be fired.

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