trapped between 59th and 86th

i’ve been through some “wtf” shit on the mta,
but yesterday took the cake.
for the outsiders,
the mta is new yawk’s train.
i’m use to the mta being an entire shit show of epic proportions.
it’s been “ain’t shit” for decades.

you trying to get somewhere on time,
but the train decides to do that sleep creep to every stop
sick passengers fuck up your train and the ones behind it
randomly stalling and everyone having it get off

yesterday tho,
i was trapped underground for about 2 hours

i left work and was on the way home to beat this heat wave.
new yawk weather is at a whole level of disrespect.
by the time i got to 42nd,
all the yankees fans piled onto the train.
this one black wolf had to yell at them to chill.
there was already no room,
but they were trying to squeeze in.

now the “pigeon app” told me there was a “network issue”,
but that is usually code for “slow creep“.
i was prepared with “candy crush” and reading materials.
between 59th and 86th street,
we just stopped.

10 minutes – nothing
15 minutes – nothing

finally after 20,
the conductor says:

“good evening ladies and gentleman,
there is a state wide signal outage on all trains.
(something something) dangerous levels of heat knocked out (something something)…
we will be moving once that’s fixed…”

that vague shit went on every 10 minutes.
they were letting know the obvious.


so i’m stuck in a corner,
wall to wall people,
and limited a/c so it was getting hot af.
i had on the appropriate weather clothing,
because if i woulda dressed up for work,
it woulda been over.
Thank God they were entertaining in my car tho.
my anxiety was trying to get the best of me.
after the first hour,
you could tell folks were starting to panic.
someone was sic and needed medical assistance.

it was a mess

 the second hour,
the vibe got different…


after close to the 2 hour mark,
the train finally pulled into 86th street.
needless to font,
the reaction when we finally got off was expected:

i was smart to hit that uber while i was walking out.
it cost me 26 dollars back to harlem.

i’ve banished all outings for this weekend.
last week a blackout.
this week a massive signal issue.

What’s next,
what’s next?
The Mole People?

low-key: they want to raise fares,
but we still gotta deal with the dumb shit.
they need to get their entire shit together.

11 thoughts on “trapped between 59th and 86th

  1. I dont know if MTA should incorporate Chicago’s CTA procedure mainly because New York has trains on top of trains. When signals go out on CTA all trains halt at stations and any train en route keeps moving at slow speeds until it stop within designated emergency exit stops. Since CTA trains are now designed like New York trains, there is this unwritten rule that when its hot, whoever is standing by the door to the connecting train, to open the door to let some air in if there is air blowing. If the train is in the station, people are allowed to wait off the train to get the natural air but will stand close by the doors. CTA has color lines and only the Red and Blue lines run underground. At each station, if the signals dont work, every train inside stops at the station from the beginning of the underground to the end. If there is no signals, emergency buses are sent to each station to run and Bus-version of the train lines. It doesn’t stop at any local bus stops only at every rail station as if it was a train. They call them shuttle buses. You should suggest somebody send them that idea. It may come in handy.

  2. I am not from NYC, but have visited since a toddler on a regular basis! I do understand that what you’re seeing and dealing with there. If fares are steadily rising and no work on improving the infrastructure of the subway system (MTA) how do they expect the city to survive. Millions travel to the city yearly to visit, so where is the money being used? All cities with public transportation need to do more and develop better strategies on getting their issues solved. I love NYC and enjoy it every time I am there.

  3. OMG this reminds me of my visit to NYC 3 years ago. I was coming from Times Square back to Harlem where I was staying and the damn Train had some issue where we had to get off at 11PM at night because of construction. Mind you I am not from New York, had no idea where I was and I was in panic mode. The people on the train I guess where used to it, they were so unfazed about it. Thank God for Uber on this night. Luckily this only happened once but it happened my first night there and I was reluctant to get back on the train for my stay there. Another thing, it is so damn hot underground in that tunnel in the summer time. I felt claustrophobic down there. I love the energy of NYC, it is like no city in the world, but unless I was a multi-millionaire who had access to 24-hour car service, I would want no parts of living there. God Bless you all who have to ride that train everyday. I think I have seen one to many terrorist movies, I kept thinking that something was going to happen the whole time I was riding underground

  4. Same here. Had planned on finishing installing my hardwood floors. But sitting here lounging in the Family Room. Don’t even want to cook. Besides, it’s too hot outside to do anything. But I am going to dust off my resume. I can’t work downtown anymore. Would much rather be in Midtown. At least it’s a 10 minute walk to Penn Station.

    Let’s face it. NYC like the rest of older big cities all have 90+ infrastructure with 21st century pricing to fix it. Even raising fares (I won’t even tell you what I spend on commuting every month) is pocket change compared to the cost of reconstruction. Republicans don’t want to spend money on infrastructure. Big business says it’s not their problem and local politicians says it’s a federal issue. Nothing but a revolving circle with no one willing to step up and say enough. MTA, Amtrak, NJT, PATCO, SEPTA all have the same issue. Worst part is, when something breaks and people die, all we have is finger pointing and the issue still isn’t fixed. Look at the bridge collapse in Minnesota. Yeah, they fixed the bridge but no one raised of finger to say we need to fix our entire infrastructure across the country.

    I think I’m going to retire to Aruba and sell hot dogs on the beach…..

    1. ^truer words ever written.

      i’m scared to read what you pay for your commuting ever month.
      i’m sure its as outrageous as mine.
      we shouldn’t be trapped in tunnels because they can’t get their shit in order.

  5. Dude it’s 3pm on Saturday and I’m just getting out the bed!!!

    Was on the 1 Train coming out of World Trade. Got stuck between WTC and Chamber St. About 1 1/2 hours later we pulled into Chamber St. and the conductor said we will be sitting here for awhile. So I walked from Chamber St. all the way to Penn Station. (For those who don’t know, that about a 4 mile walk in NYC heat!!!!). Got to Penn Station and both Amtrak and NJT were having similar problems. My NJT Train to Trenton was 40 minutes behind schedule.

    So let’s sum this up….. Left work at 6:30pm….. Didn’t get to Penn Station until 9:40pm… Didn’t get on a train to Trenton until 11:10pm…. AND I still had an hour drive home (live in South Jersey below Philly). Didn’t finally get home until 1:40am!!! I was livid!!!!

    Did I say I hate working downtown??? Yeah I hate working downtown!!!

    Got home and one of my older sons was home with his friends. Stole 2 of their beers and did a round of shots. Took a shower and went to bed.

    The day and life of working in Metropolis…

    1. ^OH HELL NAH!!!

      i feel you 110%
      i came in and took my ass to bed.
      that shit had me outwardly types of angry.

      what annoyed me was how they raise prices,
      but the service gets worst and worst.
      totally fucked up my night and day because i don’t want to do shit today.
      i’m NOT taking the train at all.

  6. I don’t think I could live in new yawk! I would visit tho, I’m more of a country guy.

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