you gotta f*ck with you when the others ignore you ( gwendoline christie )

i thought my home-vixen,
brienne of tarth,
was a goner for the last season of “game of thrones“.
good to know she survived like many of my favs.
that entire season was a bust of epic proportions,
but hbo already had their own favs submitted for emmy noms.
gwendoline christie,
who played “brienne of tarth“,
decided to enter herself for emmy consideration.
this is what happened…

alfie allen (theon/reek) and carice van houten (melisandre) did the same too.
they both got nominations as well.
alfie should have won an award a long time ago tbh.

the”one thing i’ve learned in life,
even being a blogger on this platform,
is most folks won’t fuck with you.
i’ve cheered on so many folks and got nothing in return.
i’ve learned to banish those who don’t fuck with me as i do them.


whether it’s a school or at work,
you gotta be your biggest cheerleader,
and publicist.
no one is gonna do it for you.
those types are too busy cheering on the “popular ones” to later disappointment.
it’s the underdogs that shine in the end.
i’m glad those 3 took a risk and got an entire reward.
good luck to them!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “you gotta f*ck with you when the others ignore you ( gwendoline christie )”

  1. Why didn’t this get more comments?!
    Ran into a manager who did me dirty on my first job today. He’s not doing well.
    Got amazing feedback from a graduate school, today.
    Got approved for a grant, today.

    When you’re from a people who are stolen from but looked down on, when you are genuine, others must find fault. Call you fake. Call you everything that you’re not. Because we don’t believe that we deserve the best.

    Good things always seem to be happening for bad people…
    but the good people who live to see their blessings KNOW they earned it.

    I’m so happy for all of the wonderful things that are happening for you, Jamari!

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