The Jackals That Had A Taste For My Blood

latestthis whole week has been trying for me.
i mean,
the fire was at an all time high.
a lot of other people as well.
i have been keeping up a good front.
too bad my insides didn’t match.
this week kind of made me give up on the good of people.
yesterday it all came full circle.
it really made me see people for who they really are.
potential jackals and hyenas plotting to destroy you…

i was forced to watch people in my department,
ones who had little involvement in this project i worked on,
take all the credit for themselves.

giphy-17it lead one of them getting a promotion.
i busted my ass,
worked long hours,
and dealt with unprofessional hood boogers doing this.
well they literally took my ideas and waited to use it for themselves.
i can honestly say i feel used.
i watched them smile in my face,
all the while,
circling around like the true jackals that they are.
i turned my back for one second and 3 knives were in it.
i had to take the “L”,
but needless to say,
i learned a valuable lesson,
even tho i spoke up,
no one took me seriously.
it made me feel like no one takes me seriously.














i’m sure its the anger speaking right now.
forgive me to those who do.

i don’t know what else to say.
i know this whole thing magnified where i’m at in the world.
my place amongst society.
at work.
in my career.
my money.
its funny how shit like this makes everything highlighted.
how treacherous the path upward really is.
how hyenas and jackals take many forms.
how it makes you start to show your own claws and fight back.
this situation won’t make me bitter tho.
tumblr_n498yyeKyf1tv9pqbo1_500it just started forming a colder beast.

Author: jamari fox

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20 thoughts on “The Jackals That Had A Taste For My Blood”

  1. Damn man, I’m sorry that happened to you. I hate it when people try to take credit for another person’s work. SMH. All you can do is shake this off and move on. It happens to the best of people.

      1. I know, but it happens. Get your spirits up man. The time you spend away from them should be enjoyable and valued. Don’t waste your energy om irrelevant people. You better believe they are not thinking about you.

  2. Don’t sweat it too much Jamari.

    When you use dirty tactics to get ahead, you have be twice as dirty to stay ahead. Expectations are now raised with them and now the stakes are high too and they know their fall is inevitable. You don’t have to worry about that. Your time will come.

    You are now aware more than ever, that you are in a competitive, underhanded workplace like a lot of people. You should act accordingly. I’m not saying be rude, but no need to accomodating or covering people asses. Nah none of that.

    “Show you how to move in a room full of vultures.”

    1. ^”When you use dirty tactics to get ahead, you have be twice as dirty to stay ahead. Expectations are now raised with them and now the stakes are high too and they know their fall is inevitable. You don’t have to worry about that. Your time will come.”

      super facts all day.

  3. Sorry you had to go through this. Your inherent optimism is amazing. You seem to believe, despite loads of evidence, that things can get better at this gig. Perhaps, it’s time to accept that this job is what it has always been and will always be. You will get nothing but money from this job. Stop looking for more than money from this job.

    This job is giving you money to keep yourself fed and housed while you look for a job than can give you more. As your only source of money, I would NEVER tell you to leave it without another. But, don’t invest your hopes in it. Do what you must to remain employed and put the rest of your time and energy elsewhere.

    Karma takes too long. The wicked often prosper for a very long time. You can’t do anything about that. You can invest your time and energy in changing your own situation. This job gives you money, only money and not even that much. Don’t look for it to give you status, or appreciation or a lover or anything else. None of that is coming from this place. Only money, which you should be saving as much of as humanly possible.

    1. This is true too. Sometimes you have to accept that you’ve gotten what you need from this job and its time to take steps to move elsewhere.

      Its always easier to find a new gig when you already have one. Just have those references on point.

    2. JAY….This is the answer to that situation. This is what you wrote means to me; when I’ve surpressed so much passion for unfulfilled desires and I come into any place of a social environment, its not always the place to release the energy for fulfilment for: a man-mate, friend, corporate advancement. The environment may be only ment for me to make money, build character, skills, or a place to get in touch with myself and God…..

      1. I think I would be free from any kind of disappointments from anything that wasn’t ment to be in the first place….

    3. “Karma takes too long. The wicked often prosper for a very long time. You can’t do anything about that. ”

      this has stuck with me ever since i read it.
      completely hit the nail on the head.

      1. It’s a lesson many never learn. Not learning it causes people to linger too long waiting for justice. “one day is as a thousand years” in HIS time. I don’t believe he wants you to wait for his justice. believe that it is coming and move on.

  4. I’m sorry these fuckheads took all the credit for your hard work. I’m glad you’re quickly getting over it, just dust your shoulders off and look for greener pastures. They’ll look really dumb when they have to come up with creative ideas and can’t come up with shit.

  5. Its a crying shame what that person did to you! It shows that they don’t have what it takes to be where they are at. Karma is a bitch and hopefully you would be around to see her in action. Be strong, do your thing and some day you would be recognized.

  6. That really sucks that this happened. Glad you are trying to remain positive, but you need to find a place where you can just scream as loud as you can. After you do that, you should ask God for the necessary strength to get through this and then listen to Mariah Carey’s Shake It Off.

  7. Hey Jamari, I am just catching up on some of your entries and seeing this one. You’ve already gotten some really good advice, especially the comments from The Man and Jay. In fact, some of us have previously offered much of it. However, it’s normal to hold out hope that people will see the goodness in us and eventually do right by us. Please, let this latest experience be the kick in the butt to put into action full speed ahead efforts to get out of there. I know you have already gone on some interviews. Let your efforts be consistent. Jay’s advice that you’re more attractive to potential employers while employed is so true. As much as I enjoy your posts when I can steal the time to read them, use some of that time, if necessary, to get more resumes circulated. Also, confide in no one at work! Act your ass off in presenting a pleasant and professional face from the moment you arrive until you return home.

    I’ll share some advice given to me by the elders in my family when I was a youngster. “You know you have to be twice as good as they are because you’re colored.” When I realized there was something else about me — I would later realize that the “something else” was that I was gay — I determined that being twice as good was not enough; that I would have to be thrice as good. And, that has been my ethos ever since. I have known that there are people who smile in my face everyday — white and black, gay and straight — who would love to see me fall on my face and fail whether from racism or intra-racial jealousy. I will not give them the pleasure, and don’t you do it either.

    Get your stress out by getting up from your desk and walking around the block. The fresh air and deep breathing is good for you. In the mornings before breakfast, do some push-ups and definitely do it when you get home to release the stress. It’s free; plus, it will keep you nicely toned. We like that:).

    You can do it; you will do it. Let that be your mantra.

    1. ^thank you oh.
      actually sending my resume out as I type this.
      that place only helped me get off my feet and provide some simple luxuries.
      I want more and I want to be taken seriously.
      im on the way to my exit strategy.

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