did someone steal shawn wells alleged “onlyfans” leakage?

*the following entry is rated xxx.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

this is why i tell folks be kind to the underdog.
you might think they’re wack “until”…
jamari fox loves a good “until…”

so i got a bit of information about the chocolate wolf,
shawn wells,
this morning.

an f-bi sent me an anonymous care package for review.
it seems that shawn may be the alleged the victim of theft!
as you know,
his “onlyfans” is pretty popular nowadays.
he posted this pipe video on 8-24

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The Jackals That Had A Taste For My Blood

latestthis whole week has been trying for me.
i mean,
the fire was at an all time high.
a lot of other people as well.
i have been keeping up a good front.
too bad my insides didn’t match.
this week kind of made me give up on the good of people.
yesterday it all came full circle.
it really made me see people for who they really are.
potential jackals and hyenas plotting to destroy you…

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The White Boy, The Nigger, and the Pretty Pussy

tumblr_m9fr38kQS11r1p25elol as soon as i came back,
the emails started coming in.
i missed everyone too.
someone sent me this video and it made me think.
i know by the title,
you assume it’s something nasty.
  you’ll be in for a surprise

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The Devil Is Right Behind You.

the devil can be like a thief in the night.
when you are sleep or your back is turned.he comes in abruptly, steals your joy, and runs like the bitch he is.
even if your joy is under lock and key,
maybe even strict surveillance,
he still finds a way to take what’s yours.

but, why do we give him our joy so easily?
why don’t we fight a little harder?
why do we give up to our circumstances?

that is the question on my mind.
the devil stole my joy today.
i straight punched that nigga in his fuckin’ mouth….

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I’m The One Who Owns That Pipe. The Bitch He Is With Is Just A Stand In.

Miranda was what you would call:
a low down dirty slut bag of a bitch kind of ho“.

We all know those types.
She would mess with various Wolves to fulfill her need for penis.
She did not care if they were single, married, or on their death bed,
she would be ready to suck and fuck with no hesitation.
He just had to be cute, paid, and have some bomb ass pipe.
To other Vixens she was poison and you know what?
She didn’t give a shit about her reputation.
If her name was Mark, we would applaud her conquests.
Is it a contradiction?


Miranda is the standard “a low down dirty slut bag of a bitch kind of ho” in the Vixen world.
You see her coming, you put your menstrual blood in his lasagna to put a spell on him.
But what about the Jackal named Mark doing the same?
Those same Vixens want to sit up and hear his illicit tales of “D/L Wolves Who Steal Booty In The Midnight Hours“.
Does he get a pass for his messing with married and taken Wolves?
I had to ask…

Is it okay to be a ho in this lifestyle?

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