The Foxholer Wanted My Thought On The Snow Wolf (Adam Bisek)

so a foxholer wanted my thoughts on ^this snow wolf.
his name is adam bisek and he’s a work out warrior wolf.
i like his bawdy.
the foxholer sent me a video of adam and…

…and then i saw these:

i have no thoughts.
i fell to the ground.
how are these snow wolves getting all this tail?
i guess that’s a thought.

lowkey: for those who are asking,
adam is straight.
he is dating…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “The Foxholer Wanted My Thought On The Snow Wolf (Adam Bisek)

  1. At my gym all u see are white guys with great asses. It’s like they came out of nowhere. Seems Ass is the hot thing to have these days no matter if ur gay or straight.

  2. Meh, he looks like a basic white bodybuilder. He’s got a nice ass but that’s about it. I’m not really into pink meat

  3. He’s nice to look at but most guys with muscles like that ain’t packin much.Give me a thick dude

  4. Yeah he probably has the most developed glutes in the game. You have to have great glute activation for them to get that big lol

  5. No shade, but steroids make your muscles grow. Your flutes are the biggest muscles. These bodybuilders and power lifters often have big asses.

  6. Great glutes (I need that workout program) but I’ve never seen the attraction with these over blown guys. Too much muscle is just that, too much. Give me a lean toned body like Trey Songz over bodybuilders any day.

  7. They be looking awkward with these over developed glutes and they can’t carry ’em right. they weren’t built for it.

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