Terrence Williams Is Now Engaged To Trey Songz X.

terrence wiliams and his humongous balloon lips are now taken…
by trey songz x chick, helen gedlu.

terrence is a baller wolf from the sacramento kings.
peep these feel good pics of the proposal on their vacation…

he has a mega donk tho…

^she is a gorgeous vixen.

is this why songzbird hasn’t released “hail mary” today?
i know he was in love with helen and he wanted to lock her down…

… but, too bad his penis had no chasity belt in his size.

congrats guys!

15 thoughts on “Terrence Williams Is Now Engaged To Trey Songz X.

  1. He has no contract, 5+ kids by 5+ babymothers! Like come on Helen! You were better off with trey. Terrence is a straight loser! Yeah the “lifestyle” might seem good right now, but when the money runs out (very soon) then what? Will you be picking up the tab for his child support? He’s messed up with so many good women by being a doooogg, why did you say yes? I guess he got you too with his charm! It will wear off sooner or later.. He’s going to try to knock you up too, better be on birth control because the boy is super fertile. He was engaged to Nate robinsons little sister and another Seattle chick! Come on girl, use your brain!

  2. They look soooo cute in their pic and I like it when they get married I what to be the first one to see the baby if she is having a another yes or no I dnt kno wen tell me And we replay to me my name is chyna I am a 13 years old and i am a black female girl I live in hartford connecticut 06106. Female and I wat to replay about this and his wife and the kids too tell the wife and kids I said hello and I will miss them in my heart too bye my family I will see u later pipes.

    1. I guess so that was wat I was saying to him I think she wanted to go out with him so see can say that she is sooooo sorry for her mistakes and she said she is sorry and she will never do it again in her life andi said I hope she mean it to him in her life forever and he loves her tooo I forgive him and his wife and kids too they were crying for their dad and the wife was crying for her bae and he came home wen he went to go pick up the kds and she was sooooo happy and she said that she missed him bably in her heart

      1. This is clearly an example of how meeting these men has much to do with your circles and connections. All these fysh out here sleeping with the same men in sports and entertainment isn’t coincidence. One of the benefits of having make up, hair, and a vagina.

  3. She’s very pretty and she deseves a good man and it looks like she found one. His butt has a nice sape.

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