Someone Slap Hannah’s Wig Off Please

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 10.33.35 PMso this one here…
this one here…
did anyone catch “the haves and have nots” tonight?
this is a spoiler city underneath with this vent
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(Gay?) Keep Having Sex With Females Until It Becomes You

carridefromhellive been wanting to talk about “the haves and have nots” all day.
i even wrote out my thoughts in an evernote on the way to work.
so last night was a powerful scene between veronica and jeffrey.
veronica decided to verbally abuse jeffrey about her constant fears that he is gay.
well she needs to be scared then.
he admitted he had sex with that vixen and hated it.
in a twist of fate,
she told him to “keep on fuckin’ females until he liked it”.
“mother of the year award” goes to…
i nearly threw up…
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The Haves and The Have Nots of Being Mary Jane

tumblr_m05btxpRba1qzhtgdo1_500so as you know,
last night started off with two much anticipated season openers.
“the haves and the have nots”  and “being mary jane”.
 my television viewing is over booked.
i promised i would give my thoughts so here we goooo….

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I Hit On Him and Then He Hit Me

heartsok#havesandhavenots was the shit wasn’t it?
good damn tv.
well i couldn’t stop thinking about how wyatt extracted that confession out of jeffery.
that “look at that bulge” line tho…
with those tight ass pants jeffery had on and wyatt saw that?
in this lifestyle,
i call jeffery a “newbie”.
the one who hasn’t had his *safety seal broken.
(*safety seal: as soon as you do anything with the same sex.)
so  you are completely new to how this whole thing works.
you think that as soon as you say “me likey peen/booty“,
then everyone happens to feel the same way.
not a chance.
worse if you meet the wrong people(s),
you can be manipulated.
worse: outed.
i was once a victim…

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jeffrey_havesJEFFERY IS SUCH A CREEP!!!!!!
did ya’ll see that sly hug on the couch????
then he gonna slip up and confessed wanting to sleep with wyatt.
wyatt nearly went to raggin n taggin that ass.
jeffery is officially now “single black queen”.
he better go get that chick’s phone and throw it in a lake.
veronica was the real beast.
that speech she gave david tho…
she nearly ripped david’s head off and rode through the town with it on a spike.
next week looks like it’s going to get it poppington.
please tell me someone watched it last night?
if not:

x watch it here now now now

(*continue as free user)

lowkey: benny.
tyler lepley makes my foxi senses buzz a little.
i could be wrong tho.