Someone Slap Hannah’s Wig Off Please

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 10.33.35 PMso this one here…
this one here…
did anyone catch “the haves and have nots” tonight?
this is a spoiler city underneath with this vent

is this bitch crazy?
okay that was mean.
no it wasn’t.
so in tonight’s episode,
she takes her happy ass back to the cryers to apologize for snitching on their son.
who was obviously high off lithium,
asks hannah if she wants to come back to work.
who was high off dumbassness,
goes and says yes.
yes she will take her job back scrubbing floors and cleaning toilets.

Naya+Rivera505like stop trolling us tyler.
i don’t get it.
i simply just don’t even understand it.
is she that poor?
i know my benny is trying to get back on his feet so money is tight.
is she really this desperate?
i could never.
but wait…
 how you gonna kick your own daughter out your house,
for living this wicked “lifestyle”,
but you gonna go clean at a house where a man who does the same lives?
the same man who hired a fake detective that she found out?!
the same man who damn near called her everything but a “child of god”?
she is such a  doofus.
tyler perry is making it hard for me to like that woman.

lowkey: i guess hannah’s “cleaning wig” will make it’s debut again.

hannah’s picture from “the haves and have nots” courtesy: own

Author: jamari fox

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5 thoughts on “Someone Slap Hannah’s Wig Off Please”

  1. So now we know why Carlos was staring at the “Daddy”/Judge.
    I loved the conservation between Jeffrey and David.
    Who will die in the finale? I hope it’s Wyatt’s crazy sister.

    1. Amanda is smart. When she pretended to play sane in front of the doctor, I was going crazy. I don’t think she’s as bad off as were thought.

      I never would have guessed that Carlos was Jim’s son, but when I saw Celine I knew what it was. I was sitting right up in my bed.

      Hanna disappointed me last night man, I was like damn. How could she go back there?

      Did y’all see Denzel Wells in the promo for the new show coming on in September?Jamari has posted about him before. Can’t wait to see his fine ass.

  2. Being Honest I stopped watching this a while ago when I realized Tyler would continue to helm this mess of a soap without clearly the script advising he desperately needs.

    I’m just waiting for another moment where Jeffrey or another hot guy gets naked, like that split second shower scene with Jeffrey, and for Jamari to report it to the foxhole. That was the only good part of the series and God knows we need another.

    Also, Jeffrey’s storyline seems to be the only thing I’m kinda interested in following, mainly because Veronica can act really well and the dynamic between her and her son doesn’t come across as scripted but genuine love/hate.

  3. I’ve been wanting someone to slap off that wig since the middle of season one. Hannah is the biggest hypocrite ever. The only difference between Hannah and Candace is that Candace had the good sense to pick a man with money. I’m so tired of her begging and crying in every episode.

    She was right there in that kitchen when Wyatt came in and said the he’d hit someone. Did she and were we all supposed to forget that?

    Tyler Perry has always overplayed every stereotype imaginable but it could be done a little more tastefully. The show is definitely lacking good screenwriters. Maybe I should apply for the position.

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