Jayceon Taylor Always Gets It Right

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 7.11.49 PMthis makes absolutely no sense.
jayceon taylor!
put a damn shirt on.

we don’t need to see this!
i’m lying.
can i just show a few more?…

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The Game Over (BET)

i think i only watched the game for blue last night.
he is played by the legend(ary body) that is jay ellis.
oh and maybe even malik and chardonnay.
lord knows i forgot what happened on the season finale.

jason got punched,
i think thats what happened.
he was getting married or something…”

that was me.
ready to turn the channel.
alas i decided to stick around.
i watched their series premiere last night and well…

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Jayceon Taylor Gets In The Middle Where The Action Is

Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 5.42.49 PMthis is why i like jayceon taylor aka the game.
he is one rapper wolf,
even tho he does the occasional dumb shit,
he still is pretty socially conscious.
i love that shit.
a wolf who knows whats going on.
right now he is marching at the million’s march in la
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Jayceon Taylor Does The “No Ice” Bucket Challenge

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 12.07.37 AMso jayceon taylor,
aka the game,
decided to accept his #alsicebucketchallenge from chris brown.
this is what he did…
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Jayceon Taylor Is One Big Thirst Trap (Is That “The Game”?)

tumblr_na0c22KvTu1r7993do1_500…you know what jayceon aka the game?
you #hashtagged under one of your instagram pics something about:

 ( x “#bettanotbenoniggapostiteither” )

well i’m not a nigga.
i’m actually a fox.
so i’ll do what i want.
if thats okay with you?






thought so.
now shut up and take your shirt off.
i’d like more please.


The Game Wants Frank Ocean To F U

tumblr_n74qswEarY1r2v3p8o1_500“we don’t need frankie to have fun jay?”
inside voice.
anyway so jayceon taylor,
aka the game,
aka “daddy long dong dandy”
has some lyrics that have rubbed people the wrong way.
by people,
i mean gays.
well i think.
he mentioned frank ocean in one of his latest songs titled,
“bigger than me”.
he said…
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