I Hate That I (Might) Kinda Deep Like This Work Wolf

tumblr_m84000DPnm1roxkefo1_500you know what i hate?
the “not knowing”.
i have never been one to appreciate that.
i always want to know what the fuck is going on.
i mean,
that’s completely natural,
its normal to want to be in the loop.
or maybe i just some kind need patience?
i don’t know…
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So This Is How “The Ugly Friend” Feels

large“the ugly friend”.
we have one.
we maybe one.
its usually a person who isn’t physically attractive.
they always tend to hang with a posse of good looking people.
they also can sometimes can be “the hater” within the group.
come “going out” time,
its usually the same story.
as their good looking counterparts are getting attention,
they are left to hold the drinks or be wait in the car.
i can see why the “the hater” tends to come out heavy.
well its funny how being discreet or dl can be similar to “the ugly friend”…
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“Give Me Attention!” says The Dumb Ass.

tumblr_inline_mr52hayNd51rkqae2everyone one of us loves attention in some way.
no one wants to feel un-wanted.
when you are in the spotlight,
or that someone you are really feeling is feeling you back,
it can be one of the most exhilarating feelings.
you can do and accomplish anything.
it gives you an extra pep in your step.
sadly when that attention is taken away,
or not returned in a way you want,
it can bring out people’s worst insecurities.
in this new age of taking a snap shot/video of everything,
we can get quick attention at a snap of a finger.
too bad its only fleeting.
we have to constantly seek validation from empty sources.
so even tho we know this…

Why do we still search for attention?

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The Sweetness At The Bottom of Depression

tumblr_mit8gy6JBH1rruop4o1_500i only left my crib to go get a haircut and do laundry.
if i could have,
i would have spent the entire weekend in my cave.
lights off.
phone off.
“leave me alone”.
i have cried,
and slept.
not entirely in that order.
have you ever been so depressed that you didn’t know what to do?
like if your life ended at that moment,
you might actually do a cart wheel into the light.
well thats how i felt all week.
i felt like a keyshia cole album.
last week was bad.
pretty bad.
i was/am/kinda/i dunno low-key depressed
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