i’m still trying to process this santana lopez (naya rivera) news

santana lopez was,
and still is,
my favorite character on “glee”.
i watched that show (up until a certain point because it got awful).
i don’t care who knows tho!
i don’t know how i got into that show,
but i was drawn to her character.
male or female,
i tend to love the bitchy anti hero character types.

well i was up at like 2am when i saw the news about naya rivera,
who played santana lopez on “glee“,
and her disappearance off a boat.
if you didn’t know…

Naya Rivera is missing on a Southern California lake after her toddler son was found alive, but alone on a boat … TMZ has confirmed.
Ventura County Sheriff’s deputies found the 4-year-old boy on the boat — presumably rented by Naya — shortly before 5 PM on Lake Piru, but Naya was not there. Law enforcement sources tell us her son, Josey Hollis Dorsey, told deputies his mom had jumped in the water … but didn’t come back up.
Divers immediately started searching the lake, but so far there’s no sign of the “Glee” star. The search was suspended due to nightfall, but it’s expected to resume Thursday, shortly after sunrise.
We’re told Rivera’s life jacket was still in the boat and Josey was asleep when the boat was first found. Josey is okay and is now with family members. Naya and the boy’s father, Ryan Dorsey, divorced in 2018 and share custody of Josey.

santana wtf?
in my head,
i feel like she took her own life.
i think she wanted to do the same with her son,
but she decided to do it by herself.
there is no other explanation why she would randomly jump in a lake.
she could have been going for a swim and got sucked under,
but i highly doubt it.
with all the details,
it seems like this was intentional.
she calmly jumped in the lake and from her son’s account,
she wasn’t screaming or crying for help.
i’m praying for her safe return,
but i’m not positive it will be.

we don’t know what other people are going through.
stop letting social media highlight reels fool you.
this year has shown us who is together and who is struggling.
i know many people who have admitted they are dealing with a lot,
but i know many others whose behaviors show they are dealing,
while others may not realize they have a mental illness and not realize it.
naya has had some issues in the past so who knew what was going on in her present.
i know one thing…

Her son needs to head right into therapy

watching his mother go under and not return will mess him up tremendously.
that will give him immediate abandonment/mommy issues.


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this is all very sad and i’m hoping for a better outcome.

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14 thoughts on “i’m still trying to process this santana lopez (naya rivera) news

  1. Whew. This knocks the wind out of me. I literally grew up with her through her roles on television. Her and Jurnee Smollett are my Mary-Kate and Ashley. Her death upsets me enough, a child losing his mother breaks me, but knowing the bullshit she lived through in the industry and going out like this infuriates me. She deserved so much more than her white counterparts. Ugh.

  2. It was likely a freak accident. There’s a lot of hidden rocks in that lake – she might have dived in and hit her head; then the current took her body. I’m doubtful she’ll be found alive, though I’m still hoping.

    Prayers for her little boy, though.

  3. Is this show cursed. I mean there has been a lot of tragedies happening to the cast.

  4. Its all very sad why would she go swimming at night? She left at 5pm. Once it gets dark the water is black. You can’t tell up from down. I wonder if she fell in by accident and couldn’t reach the surface.

  5. I was on Twitter the moment it popped up in the trending section and I just couldn’t believe it… DAMN!!! 2020 is just drenched in this negative ass energy that is effing up everything. My thoughts and prayers are with her son, family, and friends.

  6. She was Maya Rivera before she was any character in a show so many ppl keep reducing her to roles she played in life and not who she was.

  7. So very ,very sad. My deepest prayers go out to her loved ones ( tears)

  8. Former WWE Wrestler Shad Gaspard was swimming with his son and people tried to get them out because the waves were getting rough. He told rescuers to get his son before a big wave took him down. His body washed up on the shore a couple days later. I can’t even part my lips to say I know what her son is going through. He will remember that for the rest of his life. Yet everybody will remember her from being on The Cosby Show, Glee and being Big Sean’s ex. She played the head Cheerleader who was shady as hell. I can’t say she is not the type to commit suicide because we don’t know who is and what people are going through. If she is not found by this weekend, they will pronounce her dead at sea. Until her body shows up, all we can do is pray for her son and family she does come home and healing.

  9. I mean its the word of a literal baby that she jumped in. She honestly probably wanted to go for a swim w/o the toddler get him set up safe on the boat and go swim a little.

    I dont think it was suicide when she was all about loving that kid. And people swim w/o vests. I think she probably didn’t anticipate the current.

    I’m devastated tho. Absolutely shocked.

    1. ^its all all shocking and sad.
      i’ve been trying to come out with conclusions as to why this happened.
      it could very well be just a freak accident and that’s it.
      i really hope they are able to find her alive and she’s just been holding on for dear life while hoping she is rescued.

      it’s got me really sad because i loved her character on glee (hence using all of her gifs).

      1. Glee is such a modern icon that people will deadass be talking about how it was huge back in 09 like how we talk about classic shows.

        Naya was such a huge part of that experience. Her voice, her acting. The woman was awesome on the show and helped make it what it was.

        I appreciate seeing all of those gifs. Girl was a talent!!

        Remembering her song she sang for Corey
        “If I die young, bury me in satin
        Lay me down on a bed of roses
        ~~sink me in the river at dawn~~
        Send me away with the words of a love song

        🙁 I can’t. That talent wont be forgotten

  10. This news is so shocking. I live in California and that particular lake is a lot of debris and stuff in the water so I’m thinking she got trapped or caught up on something. I’m just in shock.

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