“Bloat, Stretch, Shake” The Drake and Mase Remix

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 2.55.50 PMdrake and pastor mase meet up at the ovo festival in toronto over the weekend.
they are talkin about collaborating on something.
“why?” i ask.
anyway drake looks good.
mase should never wear stripes,
the color red,
or anything that draws attention to that situation called his stomach.

taken: vibe vixen

Tyson Chandler Is Pretty Tiny Below


tyson chandler of the new york knicks has a small issue.
can you guess what i’m talking about?…

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tumblr_m6janwjP681r1069oo1_500you been waiting and waiting.
the person to fix for your security system was supposed to be there an hour ago.
you don’t mind sitting in the crib because its a heatwave,
but damn,
you have things to do before a certain time.
they said they would be there at 10am and its now 3pm.
no bueno.
you finally see the van pull up to your crib.
he gets out…

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Kirk Frost: The Biggest Winner On Reality Television?

rasheeda-and-kirk-frost-514 accused of being gay: check.
become a triflin’ asshole on a reality show: double check.
congratulations go out to kirk frost!
sold his soul for the top story line on love and hiphop atl.
he has become black twitter’s most hated wolf… ever?
if you been catchin’ up with the show,
you know this mofo dun lost his mind.
i woulda tased the fuck out his ass if i was rasheeda.
as soon as he walked in the door,
he would have been met with my taser gun.
well he uploaded something on instagram last night and you already know…

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Sex So Good It Got You Suckin’ Ya Thumb

Kim-as-Samantha-Jones-samantha-jones-24117197-500-282i’m sure thats what even vixen is saying after they saw the following…

first of all,
i had to ask if this was even real?
this picture has been circulating on fb,
and one of the f-bi sent me the full story.
yup “no days off” even on the holiday.
so a vixen comes home and catches her man in bed…
*cues dramatic soap opera music*
i can’t…

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your phone keeps blowing up this morning.
but a ton of twitter mentions.
did you become a star overnight?
what happened?
you just fell asleep at your homeboy’s house.
well when you get on twitter to see whats going on:

“wow that is disrespectful.”
“i would kick his ass.”
“they probably some faggots.”

when you look,
you see you as the main feature in this picture…

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