32/40 (Normani Kordei)

i did it.
i remembered to watch “dwts” last night.
i caught normani from fourth harmony’s routine.
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Shaq Catches The “Fade”

shaquille-o-neal-headshotone thing i love about shaq is his sense of humor.
he is literally a lovable giant.
well shaq decided to re-create the dance moves of teyana taylor in “fade”.
here is the video via a f-bi
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Russell Westbrook Gon’ Dance How He Wanna

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 8.01.36 PMi love nba baller wolf,
russell westbrook,
because he is different.
he is sexy too.
he has no fucks to give and i always admire anyone for that.
this dance he was doing at a recent family gathering via a vix-bi
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“Yes Bitch”: The Continuous Saga of Odell Beckham JR

4a2281c0cac5377c862b2c3412bbfd09i can sense odell beckham jr wishes he was ^that wolf again.
no blonde hair or questions about his sexuality.
shame what fame and “the net don’t forget!” brings.
well it seems like odell is the talk of the forest these days.
it just took one scandal for “all eyes on him”.
check out the latest in this old video of his,
posted via the shade room

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Odell Beckham Jr Does “Kendall Jenner”

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 10.58.20 PModell beckham jr does the “kendall jenner”.
not the kkk member silly.
no its actually some new dance
or something.
anyway check it out via his instagram
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I Love That Odell Beckham Jr Gives Good Head (& Shoulders)

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 8.50.35 PMthe scorpio bae,
odell beckham jr,
has a lot to be happy about these days.
well for one,
jamari fox likes him.
so that’s the ultimate happiness right there.
not only that,
he is the spokesperson just for giving great head.
well not the “head” you had in mind.
sporting news had this to say…
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