Adrian Peterson Is About To Go Knee Deep In Some Jackal Ass

tumblr_mfk78s7bAB1qcp1zao1_500you see this big slab of wolf meat?
well its baller wolf and foxhole vet,
adrian peterson,
and he might to assault a jackal today.
his ex vixen’s boyfriend beat up his 2 year old son and put him on life support…

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Antoine Dodson Told Ya’ll Non Believers Of His Straightness!

6u2equ2ethanks lb4!
i guess antoine dodson wasn’t playing when he said he was straight again.
he quickly went and nutted in some warm non-committed pootang.
how “section 8” of him.
he’s already becoming a hood wolf from the projects.
congrats to him.

I Call Him Daddy Because He Really Is A Daddy“everyone has fuckin’ kids nowadays!”
i was just telling someone that the other day.
funny how in a yesterday’s comment box,
someone echoed the same sentiment.
back in the day,
like way back in the 30s or 40s,
it use to be adults getting married and settling down.
having a child out of wedlock was frowned upon.
now anyone with a fresh wardrobe and instagram account is a daddy.
…and not in the good sexual way as it should be!
it’s really common to mess with a DILF.
it don’t even matter the age of the wolf because times have certainly changed.
the “daddy” movement is getting younger and younger.
hell that DILF could be a hot 21 and not 41.
some dudes have 2 to 7 kids before they even reach thirty.
he obviously knows his way around a hole and had a falling out with condoms.
i always wondered how that kid would feel knowing his dad is banging you out/getting banged out?
“call me daddy!” fantasy ruined… kinda?
i started to wonder…

Does it feel weird to mess with a DILF?

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Fuck Him While His Mama Home. Don’t Yell.


you know the nice friend with the cute face?
the one who comes over for dinner religiously?
he loves your cooking.
he always compliments you.
he even attends church service with you
he is me….
…and i’m getting fucked stupid right now as you reading this.
even better,
i’m fucking the daylights your son.
either way thank you.
he is amazing and i’m hooked on that pipe.

that email i got from “angry mama” didn’t phase me one bit.
i been listening to this song lately:

…so i been all the way turnt.
it was funny because all i thought reading the email/facebook message:

Do parents really know their children?

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Baby, I Want That Old Thang Back…

We all want to be free.

We all want to live life feeling secure without being insecure.
A hard feat for some of us, ain’t it?????????????????????

When we are young pups, we are brave and strong.
We are adventurous and want to do many things.
Our parents told us not to do something, yet, we still found ways to break the rules.
We had courage!
As we get older, we go through things that pretty much lock us down.
We start to feel insecure and throw up walls that we pray can never be broken.
All just to be accepted.

Am I speaking to anyone today?…
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The Tale of The Dead Beat Wolf I Crushed On

Crushes can die.

That was my thought running through my head talking to my Vixen friend yesterday.
I was sitting on my couch, listening to her tell me about her no good Wolf of a man.

…the same man who I wanted to take down and conquer.
I guess all good packages can be prepackaged shit.

Here is how we all met….
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