Summertime Sadness (Lost Quote)

tumblr_nqlwz7dh0P1qiv8nio1_500love this quote.
it was needed.
after i wrote that entry,
this quote popped up on my tumblr timeline.
i’m on the right path.
i have to pay attention to what shows up.

Author: jamari fox

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2 thoughts on “Summertime Sadness (Lost Quote)”

  1. I think that’s the beauty of life. The journey and not knowing for sure what the result is.

    For control freaks like myself, that is scary, but it forces us to learn how to “chill” and “just be”! We’re similar in a lot of ways Jamari, especially in the over-thinking department I think. The best thing I’ve learned in my life, is to learn how to “just be”. We can remain our control of certain things, but sometimes we just have to take a back seat and “be”.
    It’s actually quite liberating, because instead of worrying about being lost, that lost feeling changes into “being on a journey”

    Just be, and KNOW you will be okay! You will! I can relate to how you’re feeling Jamari, I’ve been there, but once I was able to overcome myself, my perspective has changed permanently for the better. Work on your thought patterns, and try to manipulate your sub-concious, you will notice a night and day difference in your understanding of yourself and depression!

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